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How did you rate the 2016 German Grand Prix out of ten?

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Decent race, not a classic but not dull either. Nice controversial penalty for Nico that will keep us busy for a few days no doubt. I enjoyed it, lots of racing between the Renaults and Haas and again with the Mclarens as well.

Decent fun.

A 6 from me I think.
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4 the race was decided from 2 seconds in. Nico's desperation to get back up front was the only thing that stopped it from being REALLY dull.
Very hard for me to judge as I listened to the whole thing on 5 Live and they could make the end of the world sound dull. I've gone for a 6.
6. Average race with a Mercedes driver winning again. Shame that McLaren didn't get a double points finish as it would have been reward for the improvement they have made over the season.
I've gone for a relative 8, relative to last race because there was a battle at the front, there was action through the field, there were talking points, it was not a bad race

(If you're a Lewis fan...)
I enjoyed it. Lewis was off into the distance controlling it to perfection. Well that bit was good for me:thumbsup:. The start of races is never good for the heart, not for me anyway. So I went from cowering behind the door, to jumping into the room shouting YESSSSSSSS!
Just part of the Sunday ritual.
But I thought there was some good racing behind Lewis. Some good overtakes.......and a bad one LOL
Nice to see the McLarens getting into serious contention, and the Bulls looking like they're starting to mix it with the Mercs. They both beat a Merc pole sitter today, can't be bad!
Felt so sorry for Kvyat on Saturday and quite worried for him. Glad he had a reasonable race.

Oh points, erm......7 I think
Well it was an improvement over Hungary. The McLaren drivers had the slowest top speeds in qualifying but showed that it is possible to overtake even in a car where DRS only means not losing too much yime to the driver you are chasing. Alonso in particular showed how to hold an overtaking car up until just before the DRS setting place so as to get it to hold off the driver behind you.

Just why Mercedes decided to give Rosberg an extra penalty is beyond me, the defective stopwatch just does not work with an F1 team, added to his slow pit stop this prevented him from being on the podium. However one good thing is that he showed Verstappen that not all drivers are afraid to tangle with him.

It would have been 7 had Mr E not decided to run it in school holidays so that I couldn't go but after thinking about it I just gave a 1 point penalty for that. So a 6.
An average 6 for me.

I have come up with a new way of making races exciting though. I was watching on catch up so was avoiding the result however I happens to see a picture whilst scrolling through facebook that looked like the press conference with Vettel in the first place seat and Kimi in the second. I clicked off quickly but was pretty sure I now knew the result. I then watched the race to see how it ended up as a Ferrari 1-2. I was expecting a big drama right up until the last lap. Made me watch it far more.
O! The sound! The fury! Such a cacophony that humankind has never heard before! The denizens of the fatherland gathered in their multitudes, young and old, rich and poor as one. Then, behold! Here come our gladiators. What courage! What bravery! An interminable wait, and then - away! Unleashed, a banshee wail echoing all around, roaring away as demons from Hades itself. Parents shielded their offspring from the onslaught. Round the Nordkurve they roared, singly and in pairs, and away into the forests, out of sight but sound undiminished. Heads shake, pulses are checked as a fragile, transient normality is restored.

Ericsson finished 18th, so an automatic 10 from me.
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