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Maybe someone can help me...
All TV images are provided by Bernie's F1TV company; do the directors of the local TV broadcasters have any influence on what is shown during the race?
Only ask coz I think the TV direction during the race (and previous since Bernie provided the feed) has gone downhill in my opinion.
FOM provide the global feed that all broadcasters use at every race bar Monaco, where the global feed is controlled by a local group instead.
TV companies can cut away from the global feed to something else but they rarely do except for the occasional interview with a driver.

And yes I agree the TV directing has been pretty woeful this year, although it thankfully isn't quite as bad as mid-2014 just yet.
The director seems to have zero sense of when and where battles will develop,cuts away to irrelevant shots of women or team bosses in the pits at the worst times and seems completely unable to tell which cars are on a fast lap and which ones aren't during qualifying.
There was massive field spread from a very early stage, which almost eliminated opportunities for battling. If it wasn't for the Williams being dog slow there would have been little for the director to work with (would have missed it anyway, of course). And I'll have to hold my tongue on Silverstone, other than to say sort out the ****ing drainage! The RAF wouldn't have put up with it in 1943 for goodness' sake. AND it was in the fancy new bit. AND whose idea was it to paint the kerbs black?

I digress. 4.
AND whose idea was it to paint the kerbs black?

Apparently it is a cost saving measure as it means they would only have to repaint the white kerbs after a race. (I know it sounds whack, the cost of painting the kerbs cannot be significant compared to the overall costs of hosting a GP)
I heard that story too but I'm more convinced by the rumour that it was done as part of the Jonny Walker sponsorship deal.
Hate the Frankenstein Silverstone (including the hidden Pit Lane), bring back the original track, oh & the safety car ruined the race.

How many laps behind the safety Car does it take to ruin a race?

Answer 5

So gave it a 2.
Seven for me but I certainly understand why others would have lower.

Very sorry sight seeing the race start behind the SC in the bright sunshine.

I couldn't pay close attention to the goings on after the race but I was half expecting a DQ for Rosberg.

Good result for the Silverstone faithful who come in throngs.

Another noteworthy performance for Max.
2016 British grand Prix - Out of Ten
cliptheapex - 6,47 (34 voters)
f1fanatic - 6,47 (490 voters)

It is rare situation when rating on the cliptheapex equals f1fanatic's rating
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