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How did you rate the 2016 British Grand Prix out of ten?

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Great race won by a Brit. Well done Lewis, calm under tricky conditions. Probably an 8 but......

10 just cause it's Silverstone. :D
7 from me. It promised a lot, especially as it was wet to start with and damp most of the way through. The first 6 laps or so behind the safety car was frustrating. I was just a tiny bit underwhelmed with the on-track action and overtaking.
8 /10. The actual racing was great - what a move from Verstappen on the outside of Rosberg! But I am just increasingly frustrated with the safety car starts. Perhaps its selective memory, but I don't believe safety car starts were as prevalent when I started watching Formula 1 eleven years ago. You have to wonder what it is that's changed in the meantime..
Seemed to be a driver or two off on every lap, which added to the excitement and the battles were decent so I gave it an 8
6/10. I hate races that start under the safety car. It completely neutralizes one of the few unpredictable elements of a race.

After that there wasn't a great deal going on apart from a few tank slappers.
5. SC was out for far longer than necessary, then the race as a spectacle was completely ended by the Wehrlein/VSC, which dragged the front three into it.

Aside from Verstappen's brilliance at Becketts, it was like Monaco with run-off after that.
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8. Home country winner and Max verstappens overtake were highlights of the race. The only down side for me was the fact that they use the safety car for a start of the race, when there is about 1mm of water on the track.
As to be expected with me, a Hamilton win an automatic.....10. Max's performance today, really reinforces my vote with his fantastic passing maneuvers, and also defensive moves. This kid is really special.
Spoiled by safety car start, either the track was fit for racing or it wasn't. The leaders given a get out of jail free card with the VSC. Good pass on Rosberg by Verstappen and well set up and executed pass on Verstappen by Rosberg. Then just when Rosberg might have been able to put on some pressure he had a car problem.

Somewhere around 5 when I've thought about it a bit more.
7 - prefer dry races and first corner potential drama, but still a good score because of Max and Lewis' exploits. Woulda been a 6 but the brilliant Silverstone fans pulled it up a point. *Salutes.
I thought it was a terd of a race to be honest but after seeing comments here I'm doubting myself

Think I'm going to stop watching GP2 before the Grand Prix from now on. maybe the excitement of that is spoiling it for me.
The safety car start annoyed me, the fact it stayed out for so long annoyed me more, and then when the race finally got going the TV director decided it would be a perfect time to watch all the cars in the pits for an eternity instead of the leaders actually racing on track. That annoyed me even more, and I carried that negative mind set for pretty much the entire race which might be why I found the race uninteresting. Gave it a 4.
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