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How did you rate the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix Out Of Ten?

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Well lots happened. I enjoyed it. Max made the race for me. just outstanding. I think an 8 largely due to Max.
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After all the red flag / safety car fandangle it seems maybe race control got it right, or thereabouts. Max not only provided the best entertainment possible, but also saved Charlie Whiting from a massive grilling. What a boy. Lewis and Nico deserve plaudits for driving so well, made it look easier than it was anyway. Not a great day for Seb or Danny Ric, that smile was wiped off today by erm, what's his name again? Mick? Pax? Oh yeah Max. An 8 from me.
8 from me. The rain delays were frustrating but when the cars were on track it was very good.
I gave what there was of it an 8. Max was phenomenal. That was right up there with Schuey in Spain in 96, and Lewis at Silverstone. Even when he dropped it he knew what he was doing to avoid hitting the wall.

There was a lot of good driving all through the field, and Gutierrez having a ding-dong with Steiner in the garage was fun too.
I was not able to watch the race live, if I had to sit through all the red flag and safety car stuff I would have given it an 8, but being that I could click, click, click through all that, I watched only great racing. Max was amazing, more of that please. I gave it a 9
Not an overly terrible spectacle. A few "nicely done!" moments amid the red-flaggery and SC tedium elevated this to a 7. Enjoyed Max's driving too.
I don't know what to think to be honest... There were certainly a lot of exciting moments - most of them courtesy of Max - but there must have been about 50 per cent of the race run under the safety car. So that was basically a 30-lap or so race.

I don't want to see cars skidding in the middle of a straight with no visibilty but the best track conditions were probably during the second red flag period so clearly something somewhere isn't right in how those decisions were taken. The procedure just isn't right is it.
7, only because of the loss of so many racing laps. Under green flags the action was enthralling.

Good on Nasr and Sauber.

I'm of the opinion that they should allow serious work to the cars in case of rain. Like we saw during the red flag periods.
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