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How did you rate the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix of of ten.?

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Interesting race especially in the midfield. The leading cars just stretched out their gaps and were well clear of the field which spoilt things a bit. The Channel 4 commentators were pretty well spot on apart from little details like thinking that Hamilton might have a chance for second with his new tyres in the final stint and not being able to notice, despite it being shown many times, that Alonso was way faster in section 2 than the Williams drivers, doing enough to keep them out of the DRS zone which would have enabled then to go sweeping past. Then Mark Webber came along and spoilt the fun.

I really enjoyed it.
Great from Alonso and Perez.
Great damage limitation from Hamilton. I don't know why they put him on Softs at the red flag, killed any chance of going higher than third. Maybe they were just happy with third and didn't think beyond that.
I think an 8 from me.
7. K-Mag's unfortunate incident ruined the race a bit for me. It may have worked out well for Lewis but I was expecting a bit more action from him coming through the field. Probably about as uneventful a run from 21st to 3rd as you could imagine.

Nice to see FI once again capitalize on their beloved Spa.
I gave it a 7. I have to agree with Keke though, the accident helped Lewis but spoiled the fun. Enjoyed Max and Kimi's little duel to the death. Max is great for F1, but Kimi has a point - he moves way too late and sooner or later someone is going to get hurt. I hope he reins it in a bit for Monza, or we could have a plane crash....
It is strange but there is smallest number voters in this season for Belgian GP
on the f1fanatic too (433 voters).

And Belgian GP rate is:
7,35 - cliptheapex.com (20)
7,21 - f1fanatic.co.uk (433)
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