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A bit rushed because with the football & working for the 9th consecutive day. it completely slipped my mind, but the quality (I hope) still high hasn't been comprised. & has been good to focus on something else but the crushing disappointment that was England last night

After a 10 yr hiatus we returned to the now shortened A1 Ring in 1997. But after a wet qualifying. Which 2 drivers took a surprising front row spot
Giancarlo Fisichella & Jean Alesi

As I said in 1987 F1 left the Österreichring & didnt return for a decade when it was the shortened A1 ring. Which team won the last race at the old venue & 1st at the new Venue

We've had 4 British winners in the history can you name all 4
John Watson, Nigel Mansell, Eddie Irvine & David Coulthard

We all know who got 1-2 in 2002 Event, who came 3rd to complete 1 of the most controversial podiums in F1 history
Juan Pablo Montoya

Which well known F1 figure of recent history Finishing 11th in 1971 GP
Helmut Marko

Why the 1985 race also quite historic during recent times
For the 1st time in F1 history, no cars starting on the grid had a naturally aspirated engine. all turbo powered

What was sad about Elio de Angelis's victory in 1982
It turned out to be final victory for a chapman designed lotus. as he would pass away 4 months later

Who took part in there 1st ever gp in 1971 at the Österreichring
Niki Lauda

Can you name the drivers on the 2016 grid, of the previous era when were last in Austria. Back in 2003
Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso & Felipe Massa

Who holds the Qualifying Pole Lap record
Rubens Barrichello (1:08.082)
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5½. I gave myself point for Elio question although I didn't quite answer like it was meant to.

The last Lotus victory Colin Chapman was able to see
2 but can I give myself an extra point because
Helmut Marko didn't take part in the race in Germany so technically his first GP was Austria as well!
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