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How did you rate the 2016 Austrian GP out of ten

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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Wow what a race. That had everything for me. Gripped all the way through. AND a last lap change of the lead, just brilliant.

Thoroughly enjoyed that, great to see JB battling at the pointy end again, and I never really mind seeing Rosberg's angryface. Good result for Manor & Wehrlein too. I grant it an 8
8. Was a pretty good race with a last lap change of leader. Also some good points for McLaren Haas and Torro Rosso. My driver of the day though was Carlos Sainz Jnr
8 - would have been higher if it weren't just Mercedes battling for the win.
Bit of a slow burner in the middle but certainly picked up towards the end. I thought the coverage of the race was pretty poor. The fact that Manor scoring a point came as a surprise at the end of the race was disappointing. Where were the shots of the Manor crew going nuts on the pit wall for example.

I thought Guterierez pulled of some great moves.
7 exciting in parts, especially the last few laps, it was good to see JB having fun near the front, and Manor did well. My mind wandered in the middle though.
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