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And so with the result of the Russian Grand Prix in and Hamilton taking maximum points with his team mate failing to score, the season moves from early evening into sunset as we head into the next race. Leading the championship by 66 points with 100 left to play for there is a chance that Hamilton could be packing his bags after the race and trying to find space for a World Champion Drivers trophy in among the hand luggage.

All this could take place among the stetson wearing f1 fans down there in the heart of Texas. I think it's reasonable to say that since the re-launch of the US GP at Austin just a few years ago, the race has cemented it's position as a popular track among fans and drivers. Finally, after many false starts it seems that the USA has an F1 track that lives up to the hype. That after many years of hoping that the magic of Indy would rub off (it didn't), any number of 90 degree cornered tracks would work (they didn't) or that the high rollers would really get behind a race in a car park (they didn't either).

The first corner, unlike so many in F1, actually has a number of lines that can be taken which opens up a number of overtaking options. This is followed by the down hill run of sweeping left and right handers. Carrying as much speed as possible out of turn one will ensure a great run throgh these corners. Running anti-clockwise unlike almost every other track in the season, the drivers are faced with a different physical challenge. It really looks like a track that rewards great driving.

It's no suprise to see that of the last 3 US races, Hamilton has won 2 and Vettel 1. With these two now first and second in the championship and at a track they both clearly run well at (Vettel set the first pole here in 2012) could it be possible that we may finally see an on track battle between the two? Of course, Rosberg will want to get right in there and keep is very slim hopes of the title alive.

Down the grid, there is really nice little battle between Kimi and the two Williams drivers for the 4th spot in the championship. Only 14 points seperate the 3 of them and, with Mercedes Constructors title sewn up, could it be possible that the Williams team suddenly find their engines have a little more 'umph'?

The two Dan's at Red Bull are only three points apart and with questions over the future of Red Bull they must be keen to come out on top. It's going to be a hard fight all the way with Ricciardo, who promised so much last season, finding himself behind Kvyat in a situation that few predicted at the start of the season.

Right at the back, is there enough time left in the season and enough performance in the car for McLaren to over haul Sauber and finish a mighty 8th in the Constructors? With a double points finish in Russia have they now found some realiability?

It's a rare thing these days to actually look forward to certain races. I don't know about you but I actually do look forward to the US GP. As places to win a world title go, it's a hell of a lot better than Abu Dhabi. At least Hamilton get's to spray real Champer's in the USA.
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You know the hat said 2nd place? Rosberg thought Hamilton was being an antagonistic dick rather than passing him a hat.

That's what Ted implied.


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Should Hamilton have given him the 1st place hat or something?

I'm no mind reader and can't speak for Hamilton's thoughts, but one would imagine that after winning your dream 3rd championship, weeping openly on air and seemingly being bereft of any comprehensible thoughts in that moment, that the last thing on his mind was "Oh lets be a complete numpty and just rub it in a bit. Lets chuck this hat at Nico."

Watch the replay. He was passing him his hat and Nico had a hissy fit. I thought Lewis handled Nico's reaction pretty well actually!


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I think Lewis probably did not time it right with what he did whilst Nico was still down. Its a normal reaction when someone throws something at you that you were not expecting you do react.

I do tell my kids don't throw things and remember to just hand it over.

I think it was more the reactions after that with Nico's twitter post and quotes. Ive just seen the post race interview which Nico did congratulate LEwis but he is aggrieved about the start line incident and a very angry man


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Rosberg actually passed Hamilton on track for the first time in a while and was pulling away then had a stupid mistake which cost him the win probably. He has nothing to be angry at except for himself.


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Lewis was elated, emotional and adrenalin filled, Nico was deflated, mad at himself, mad at Lewis and mad at the World. Both their actions and reactions were those of people who have emotions and care about what they are doing. Neither should be berated or need to make excuses for their behaviour. I go into the garden and take photos of Beetles and Bees and after a good session my pulse is racing, my emotions are high and behaviour unpredictable and decidedly odd. Adrenalin or the sudden absence of it does that to you.

Well said. :yes:


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What is with this gate thing? Why do they feel the need to pur gate after everything? I don't know where it comes from. The first one I can find is Watergategate ;)

(still no sarcastic font on here is there?)


This cost me a tenner, but so L'Oreal.
I met him at the British GP this year when he was filming in our grandstand (Woodcote). He looked at me like I was something he scraped off his shoe when I asked for a quick snap with him. Miserable sod.


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A brilliant race all around and most of the discussion is about a hat and the team dynamics at Mercedes... in a race where they did everything fairly between the drivers.

What about Ricciardo's brilliant overtake on Hamilton, and his savvy move to run wide down the straight into the puddles to keep the intermediates alive?

Or the craziness that was midfield after the last safety car?

Or Rossi almost scoring points?

Or literally anything that happened on track to give us for sure one of the best races of the year?


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There were many incidents that people overlooked namely

Saubers coming together - might Mclaren catch them in constructors

Red Bull were strong until the track dried

Toro Rosso - both showed well again but again Verstappen gets a great result

Williams - apparent damper issues and a crazy move to go onto slicks. I'm beginning to wonder who's managing the strategy there?

Mclaren - 6th place for JB puts him ahead of ALonso

Force India - I think they will get 5th in Constructors with Perez once again finishing in the points whilst Hulkenberg has another incident

Lotus - a quiet weekend for them
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