MotoGP 2015 Season


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I don't see what is the appeal of Dovioszo apart from having factory bike experience and is probably good with the sponsors but he's not a top rider and does not look like one .

He rode alongside both Pedrosa and Stoner at Repsol Honda and generally was never able to match them and got one win due to changeable conditions


Interestingly Marquez is not yet confirmed for 2017

I think Rossi will win more 1 title before he bows out and hope he beats De Agostini's win record

Iannone is the only one confirmed at Suzuki who need to show they've got it to race at the front ... would Suzuki consider Crutchlow on the other bike?

Be interesting to see how KTM go given Bradley Smith's move?


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Yeah, I've seen that. The problem is that there's no run-off to speak of at turn twelve, and so no room for a gravel trap.

You can't have fast corners with no run-off in motorcycle racing. Unfortunately this has come horribly too late for Luis...


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At this rate he won't have too many fingers left intact to stick to anyone!
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Rest in Peace Luis Salom, such a tragic loss of a talented young man.
I don't know why it makes it worse at your home GP but it does.

Lots of fallout from the Friday safety inspection & I'm afraid Jorge can't complain about the new track layout if he didn't bother to turn up for it.
It must have been one of the saddest sets of podiums I've ever seen because there had been a day for it to sink in.

On a more positive note the racing was really good, especially the MotoGP. The Rossi Marquez tussle was great to watch (as was the Rossi Marquez handshake).
What on Earth was Ianone thinking of!!! I'd steer clear of Lorenzo for a while (literally)

But what I'll remember most are the tributes from so many members of the paddock, some of them very touching and heartfelt.


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MILLER!! Fantastic!

When was the last time you saw 3 first-time winners across the board in one week-end?


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It is good for MotoGp that a satellite team wins races... its been an age since other than a factory team won in the premier class

Miller took his opportunity well done... everyone else fell when the door was open

Hernandez will never get a better race to make a name for himself

Another crash for Crutchlow ..even though he is staying with the same team next season I 'm really not sure if things are going to get better for him unless Honda can find some improvements in the bike


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Well what a fabulous trio of races that was!
Thoroghly enjoyed watching three new winners and satellite teams coming to the fore.
You have to feel for Yonny, probably his best chance of a win but :goodday:to Miller, Bagnaia and Nakagami for grasping the opportunity.
Rossi must be furious at himself for not closing the gap to Jorge and Marc.
Great fun to watch :)

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Someone seems to have made a mistake by adding my email address to something intended for Jorge Lorenzo. Since it is confidential I will keep the contents secret.

Dear Signor Lorenzo we at Ducati were delighted when you decided to sign up for us for the 1917 MotoGP season. However, it turns out that we may need to modify the terms and conditions of your contract. It has come to our notice that recently you have not been quite as successful as you led us to believe. We are not saying that you have not won the championships which you told us about but we are a little concerned about your statement that you consistently beat your team mate Valentino Rossi, these last few weeks seem to indicate that this may not be true; in fact it appears that yesterday you did not beat any of the riders who finished. Even Stefan Bradl finished well ahead of you although his bike this year seems to have had a 250cc engine fitted. We would have thought that a rider coming from a small island would be at ease with water but you seem to be in the reverse situation, the moment the first drop of rain falls you drop down a place in the race. Accordingly we have decided to alter your contract to one where in the case of there being a wet race you will not race for us that season. We are to have a new pairing of riders, Mr Redding and Mr Crutchlow (presuming that Mr Crutchlow can manage not to fall off his bike in alternate races). Yours sincerely, Luigi dall'Igna, Ducati Team Principal. P.S. I may have misspelt my name but then who can blame me.


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You know that was a strange decision by Lorenzo given he was fastest man to come in. He must have thought he could have gone even faster on his other bike

It is a bit of an odd situation for Jorge since he announced he was going to Ducati and it seems Yamaha are not bothered with him anymore

Still though he can look forward to the fact that Ducati do seem to be now challenging for wins and are an absolute rocket down the straight

I wonder if Ducati are regretting keeping Dovioszo who complained about his bike whilst Iannone kept fighting on ?

A timely win for Crutchlow who seem to have gotten a bit more form but it does concern me that his team are cash strapped unless Honda will give more factory support so will limit his chances to race with the front men

You did notice that Pedrosa was not in the race at all yesterday but there is not anyone that Honda would see with potential to replace Pedrosa

Who is Stefan Bradl? Must have been painful to see his former team winning and he is going to leave MotoGp
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