MotoGP 2015 Season


As it seems to have escaped everyone's notice including mine, (Well up until last night that is whilst I was perusing catch up TV out of sheer boredom.) The new MotoGP season has started in fact the first race was on 29 March at Qatar and was held under floodlights.

It was an absolutely stonking race with a very unexpected battle for the win, but I won't go into details until anyone that is of a mind to has watched it, you can catch the extremely extended highlights here

As far as I can tell it was the entire race, well done ITV4, I urge you to watch you will not be disappointed, If watching men going wheel to wheel at over 200mph is your bag that is.
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Did someone other than Marc Marquez win?
Because last year was shit. I stopped watching it.
Worse than any Schumacher or Vettel dominated season.

I don't actually mind Marc winning lots of races because his skill is just mesmerising. It was a bit dull last year as the Hondas were still pretty dominant. Not this year though by the looks of it!
Qatar was a great race. The track is a bit like Bahrain in F1 - pretty sparse and uninteresting, but the racing (again like F1 Bahrain last year) was fantastic.
Been a bit busy this week with one or two unplanned-for bits of stuff needing sorting so I've only just got around to watching the main event. I can only only agree with the above, it was a terrific race.

Well it is indeed a new ball game this year isn't it. If the Ducattis can keep this up we're in for one hell of a season.
Watched the Moto3 from Qatar and good god it was incredible. I could watch Moto3 on slipstreaming circuits all day. Wow just wow. Close to 15 guys all in a pack within two seconds, down to the last lap. One of them being 15 year old Fabio Quartararo. Very impressive.

Apparently Honda considered replacing the injured Dani Pedrosa with Casey Stoner but have gone with Hiroshi Aoyama instead.
Hopefully Pedrosa's surgery will sort him out in the longer term. He'd been struggling for a long time now with that arm-pump problem.
I believe BT Sport have all the races live this year. I watched the Qatar race almost by accident and it was quite exciting, for a motorbike race.
Il Doctore for the title?

Looks finely set-up now, this campaign does. Marquez now more than a race win behind in the points.
Let's blow the dust off this forgotten thread:tumbleweed:
Without wishing to give anything away for the folk watching on ITV4 can I say what a great season the British bikers are having.
Last time out in Austin we had the first double British win in motorbikes since Barry Sheen and Mick Grant in 1977 with our Danny Kent and Sam Lowes in Moto3 and Moto2 respectively. We also have some great riders amongst the big boys in MotoGP, Cal, Bradley and Scott usually at the sharp end of things.
I suspect the major class will be won by Marquez/Rossi/Lorenzo* (delete as appropriate) but we can cheer on our lads :cheer:
With Mercedes so dominant in the F1 I'm enjoying the closer competition of MotoGP.
Great race in Argentina but somewhat spoiled for me downloading the race in that someone mentioned who the winner was :( It was also the official coverage which is just horrible as they cut all the ambient sound of the bikes off and boost the sound of the dull commentators. That'll teach me for being a freetard.
A classic Cal quote Incubus , I loved it & he slipped it in so subtley too.
It may be the corporate environment of F1 now but the bike riders have so much more charisma and actually look happy after a race instead of smug (or miserable in Nico's case!)

rufus_mcdufus I'm sorry you found out the result first, I will have the same problem after the Canadian F1 race, I will be watching it 3 days later from iplayer so I'm bound to find out the result. C'est la vie & sometimes it's a bugger.
So we have two wins and a second for the great man himself Rossi and one win a DNF and fourth for Marc plus the Dukes are look fantastic, Cal is going well and so is Bradley this is shaping up to be a great season.

Both Rossi's wins came from 8th on the grid..
I don't think starting off the front of the grid in MotoGP is anywhere near the handicap that it is in F1. Still impressive, sure its lead to some great racing (haven't been able to catch any races yet, I guess I need to). Makes you wonder why he isn't qualifying better though.
The theory is that he is concentrating on race set up but Rossi has never been a great qualifier as he says himself the race is on Sunday not Saturday..
I've been watching Rossi since he was about seventeen, how he carried on after being involved in the death of his friend Marco Simoncelli I'll never know..
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