MotoGP 2015 Season


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Is it the bike or him? Next season he'll start as favourite because unless Yamaha gains and Ducati with Lorenzo are up to speed then a 4th title is on his way to Marquez


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Must mean Crutchlow and Pedrosa are pretty handy too then, to have won races.

It's a combination of the two, the Honda was nasty at the beginning of the season but it's come on massively as the season has progressed, so fair play to both Honda for making the bike half decent eventually and MM for having the maturity to not bin it trying to win when it was bad so that he could take advantage when it was good.


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To be fair though, Taking risks with tyre choice has been a large factor in 'outsiders' winning this year. It does seem as if Honda have improved a bit as the season progressed but they did look to be around 3rd behind the Yamahas/Ducatis earlier on. Ducati don't seem to be able to capitalise on their earlier form - perhaps it's just twistier tracks later on? (which benefit the Suzukis too). Marquez is an exceptional rider though and I could easily see him taking a few more titles.
It's been a great season though - really enjoyed it.


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Blimey. Wayne Gardner' s been arrested and detained in Motegi?... I' ve only just seen it. Apparent case of road rage. His son Remy was also briefly detained but was freed to compete in Moto 2.


EDIT Ooops, slightly misread the article. It appears Remy was involved in a separate incident altogether - driving without a licence - but is now on his way out of Japan. Still no word news on Wayne's situation though.
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the Honda was deemed a beast to ride last season as Crutchlow found out and actually began before that with satellite riders Bradl and Bautista regressing compared to the factory bikes

It looks like Honda were behind Yamaha initially but since then have gone ahead and it is definitely noticeable in Crutchlow's performances that he is closer to the factory bikes

Marquez tried to overcompensate the bike and crashed too often to make up for it.

I am just thinking will he dominate like Rossi and Doohan did on a Honda or get new challenge with Lorenzo on a Ducati and Rossi on a Yamaha.?

I hope its the latter as I remember things got boring when Doohan won and people wanted to see competition and his response was " What do you expect me to do ?Slow down !"

Ducati last season were closing but this season not quite as good I think Lorenzo might make the difference... still don't know why Doviozso (his old 250cc rival) is with the team for another season . I hope Redding improves on 2016 Ducati and will be promoted to the factory team for 2018 if he continues upwards


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I thought he might feature in the race for a podium because Phillip Island is a track that ex Superbike riders have raced on and tend to be close to experienced Moto GP riders for race pace

I did not seriously think he would win but Crutchlow is proving he is a world class rider. with a win that impressed even Rossi.. one burning question is why aint someone at Honda thinking of giving him the factory ride seeing Pedrosa seems to be having all sorts of injury problems?
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