Grand Prix 2015 Russian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

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No longer the new kid on the block, the Russian GP is now an established race at the end of a championship that seems to go on and on. This year the highlight of the race is Aussi artist Natalie Imbruglia which along with Diskoteca Avariya and DJ Legran will try to bring some joy to the Motorsport aficionados. If 2014 was anything to go by, there is little to hope for the race that takes place is warm-for-russia Sochi. It really is a reflection of what’s been going on lately with the sport. We seem to have seamlessly gone from a Red Bull/Vettel domination in early 2000s to the rule of Mercedes/Hamilton, with the difference that Hamilton has really little opposition and it’s not a matter of if but when will he clinch the championship.

14 races into the championship and we are more or less at the same place we were a year ago with Lewis Hamilton in front and Nico Rosberg a little further back. This year Ferrari is playing catch up with Vettel breathing on Mercedes neck, the same way Riccardo did last year. It may be not everybody’s opinion but so far the season has been little more than boredom all the way, unless you are a Hamilton hard core fan that is.

Pirelli will bring the super-softs in an attempt to spice things up but probably that’s only going to make Mercedes life easier and you’ll know after the first lap what the final classification is going to be. FIA bosses have tried to change the sport to improve the TV audiences and interest in F1 in general, with little success. And while the real fans keep coming back for more, we all know it’s going to be little bit more than a Mercedes parade.

Drama seems to be unfolding actually outside the track; will Red Bull retire from the sport? Is Renault coming back with the works team? Are both Button and Alonso so disappointed by their “GP2” power units that they are ready to hang their helmets and head to greener pastures? Is Kvyat finally going to get his maiden win? Who’s Haas fielding for next year?

If you ask me, F1 can borrow a page or two from Indy Carts (sans the accidents); after all the race finale couldn't have been any more thrilling with 4 drivers still with option to win. If you take the incredible speed and bravado of Hamilton, Vettel’s car control, Button precision, Alonso’s intelligence, Riccardo’s smile and a bunch of kinds that are just old enough to have a drink fighting for the coveted spot of “the best new thing in town” and put them in those monstrosities that Indy officials call cars, people would tune in, for sure. But that’s topic for a different thread.

For the time being, let us relax, drink a little Vodka and continue to hope for the impossible; one interesting race …


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I think an aggressive Raikkonen is better than (how should i put it?) a meek one. I much prefer him somewhat unnecessarily racing his teammate and causing incidents every once in a while than going around doing nothing notable like any overtakes or proper defense.


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Kimi took another driver out it was not even close to a racing incident.. if that was Maldonado he most certainly would have been given a one race ban due to his record

Kimi still got points and Bottas got nothing .. there is not any justice in it. It was an absolutely ludicrous move


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Make that :censored: ridiculous move by Kimi..:embarrassed::oops:. more in line what Senna or Schumacher would do in desperation. Perhaps its a sign of how much under pressure the Iceman still is:whistle:

It was a rather rash and clumsy move, "we've all done it" except that not everybody has. You can not accuse Ayton Senna or Michael Schumacher of such speculative incompetence. They were both very deliberate in how and with whom they made contact with.


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snowy Maybe not quite Senna or Schumacher then but I think the Iceman is under serious pressure because he is simply not delivering despite his seat being safe for now. He knows he has a target on his back already and there is a queue of drivers waiting to replace him

I mean what if Red Bull and Toro Rosso were to pull out of F1. Would Ferrari be bold and sign Verstappen then?


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It was a rather rash and clumsy move, "we've all done it" except that not everybody has. You can not accuse Ayton Senna or Michael Schumacher of such speculative incompetence. They were both very deliberate in how and with whom they made contact with.

Mind you - look at the standings. Kimi is close on points to Bottas. Kimi had nothing to lose - overtake and get more points, or take out Bottas, and prevent him getting more points.


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I see the Russians want to change the timing of the race, and have a night race, so that we can all see the spectacular sunsets.
Which should guarantee rain for every Russian GP.
They are also creating 2 day tickets as opposed to 3 day tickets for those who can't take Fridays away from work and cheap tickets for kids, to encourage families.
They must want more people.


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I doubt he'll make qualifying and depending on the g meter reading, he may even be out of the race.
So it turns out the g meter recorded a peak impact of 46G.

Sainz has gone on record as saying that he felt dizzy before, during, and after the race.

I am shocked that the FIA allowed him to participate as clearly he was suffering from the effects of the crash, possibly probably concussion.

One can only wonder what the aftermath would have been if he had lost consciousness during the race.


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Yeah but it doesn't change the facts. Isn't that a bit weird that most of the time there has to be a complaint from another team so that the situation is reviewed and -if necessary- punishments are given.
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