Pre-GP Quiz 2015 Italian Grand Prix


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Q1. If you ignore the chicanes how many corners does the Monza circuit have?

4 - Curva Grande, the Lesmos, Curva Serraglio and Parabolica

Q2. What year was the current lap record set?


Q3. And by whom?

Juan Pablo Montoya (in the Williams but no extra points for being a smart arse)

Q4. The first Italian GP took place at Monza on 10th September 1922. Which manufacturer won the race?

Well blow me it was FIAT

Q5. Ferrari have the initials SF on their badge for Scuderia Ferrari. What does Scuderia mean?

It literally translate as Stable, as in a place you keep horses

Q6. The most popular bloke on the podium at last year's race was Felipe Massa. How far behnd the all conquering Mercedes cars was he at the end of the race?

He was 25.25 seconds back. Half a point for 2 seconds either way

Q7. Who is the second most winningest driver at Monza after Schumie?

Nelson Piquet with 4 wins

Q8. What is the distance (in miles) from the Ferrari HQ in Maranello and Monza?

125 miles (according to Bing maps). Half a point if 10 miles either way

Q9. The Italian GP has only once not taken place at Monza. In 1979, before the Championship race at Imola in 1980, they had an F1 race. Who won?

Niki Lauda in the Brabham Alfa

Q10. Mika Hakkinen ended the race in 1999 in tears at the side of the track. Who won the race?

Heinz Harald Frentzen in the Jordan
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