2015 Hungarian Grand Prix


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My friends and I are thinking of going on holiday somewhere. I was thinking Hungary, that way a few of us F1 fans that go can experience a Grand Prix while also having a holiday.

But my question is, where's the best place to go in Hungary, hotel wise and around Budapest?

Good cheap options will be much appreciated since we are just graduates with no jobs in our degrees :D
The circuit is a fair distance from Budapest, but there is a free shuttle bus service which goes to Mogyorod, about a mile from the Ring entrance. There is also a train which runs on the other side of Mogyorod, you have to walk uphill for what seems like forever, including a rough bit of footpath which I never want to see again. There looks to be plenty of camping right next to the circuit. The only trouble is transport, as far as I could make out the railway is the only public transport, there are, of course, expensive taxis at the race weekend.

The centre of Budapest is a lively area by the side of the Danube. The Chain Bridge is the big brother of the one in Marlow, the place is packed with museums and galleries. The food is very good, there are also the usual burger bars. Most cafes sell the original Hungarian Goulash soup, I had at least three different varieties! The currency is the Forint, ignore it and take Euros which all the prices are quoted in. The exchange rate is just over 300 Forints to 1 Euro. The people are mostly friendly, although there are local groups who resent anything which is not original Hungarian. There are also plenty of ladies who offer you their help and services. Showing a wallet wit only a five Euro note in it persuades them to leave you alone.

The weather at race weekend is normally very hot, I had a towel and a largish cap, when soaked in water they made it liveable for a couple of hours or so.

Despite the long straight there is very little overtaking, one nearly happened in front of me, but that was in free practice. It didn't help that the big screens went off during F1 qualifying from halfway through Q1 to halfway through Q3. Grrrr! There was also a British red bus fairly close to the entrance, it was manned by embassy staff and the gave away English beer. Altogether it was a mostly enjoyable weekend, I even found out that if you break your wrist you get treated very mubh more quickly than you do at home.

Incidentally, it is the Finn's home race.
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