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Ok folks here's another pre GP quiz to bend your noodle into shape.

Have a crack at this one then.

1) At the very first Bahrain GP in 2004, which driver's whole qualification and race sessions combined consisted of just 7 timed laps?

Kimi Raikkonen

2) Why will Alonso's lap time of 1.58.287 be unlikely to be beaten for a long time?

It was the lap record set on the only occasion F1 used the full endurance layout (or words to that effect)

3) At the 2007 Grand Prix, Adrian Sutil was involved in a 3 car collision. Sutil managed to make it back to the pits and get going again but which two drivers went out on the spot? ( 1/2 point for each)

Scott Speed and Jenson Button

4) Whose career best qualifying position of 21st out of 22 cars came on his F1 debut at the 2006 Bahrain GP?

Yuji Ide in the Super Aguri

5) Why was the 2006 Bahrain GP the season opener ?

Melbourne couldn't host the GP during in its normal date due to the city hosting the Commonwealth games

6) What event prompted Ferrari to race with blackened nose cones on their cars in 2005?

The Death of Pope John Paul the Second the day before the Race

7) Who scored his first ever F1 podium at Bahrain in 2012 and then went and scored another there in 2013?

Romain Grosjean

8) Talking of 2012 and 13, the podium places for those races were identical. 4th had a different driver for both years. For half a point each, name them?

Mark Webber and Paul di Resta respectively

9) None of the corners at the circuit are named with the exception of turn 1. Who is that corner named after?

Michael Schumacher

10) The mechanics from two teams were involved in two separate incidents involving petrol bombs and protesters in 2012, again for half a point name both teams?

Force India and Sauber

Good luck everyone.
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