2014 driver line up market

I'll take my system and run:

The Top Dogs: S Vettel, F Alonso, L Hamilton, K Raikkonen
All But The Top: J Button, N Rosberg, N Hulkenburg,
Unproven Potential: R Grosjean, V Bottas, J Bianchi
Inconsistency Group: S Perez, P Maldonado, K Kobayashi, F Massa
Aston Villa: D Ricciardo, A Sutil, E Gutierrez, J Vergne
Moneybags: M Chilton
Rookies: D Kvyat, K Magnussen, M Ericsson
Sorry TBY, but you can't put a World Champ in the "All but the top" category- he has to be one of the Top Dogs. :rolleyes: After all, he beat Seb on pace at Suzuka (the only man to do so since they returned there), and forced him into an error at Montreal, not to mention (just) out scoring his much-vaunted Top Dog teammate in their 3 years together.

Go away and do it again, would you? There's a good chap...;)

(I will accept a sub-category of "Top Cat", featuring said driver...)
Level 1 :They have the X factor, they own it : Vettel Alonso Hamilton
Level 2 :The X factor comes and goes : Rosberg Jenson Kimi
Level 3 :Really good drivers wanting to prove they can 'level up' : Kobayashi Hulkenberg Grosjean Bottas
Level 4 :Average drivers lucky to be in F1 : Massa Ricciardo Maldonado Verne Perez Bianchi
Level 5 :Much better drivers missed out because of them. Get out : Chilton Gutierrez Sutil
Level x :The rookies, only time will tell : Magnussen Kvyat Ericsson
Road of Bones - I can put World Champion wherever I like; that theory would put Villeneuve Jr. into the Top Dog category and I doubt he'd make it into Category 2 if I'm honest.

I'm pretty sure on comparative performance to an on form Hamilton that Button is on a similar level to Rosberg. I would describe this level if I wasn't trying to be pithy as someone who would not waste a big chance to win a title but would not win it otherwise.

As for Suzuka 2011 - he's not the only person to beat Vettel - Alonso did too. I'd be somewhat reticent about claiming great things after a victory over one who needed not win.

I'm not saying Montreal wasn't a great victory, but a wet weather specialism isn't enough to join the top bracket either.

I have to say it was very close.
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