Grand Prix 2014 Chinese Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

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Welcome to the discussion for the 11th running of the Chinese Grand Prix, in 'Shanghai' (i.e. the middle of nowhere). The imposing circuit, with its 200,000 capacity grandstands, stand tall and large in the middle of marshland. Unfortunately, there is very little danger of anything like 200,000 people entering the circuit (despite whatever the Chinese government claims!!) This was the scene of Nico Rosberg's win in the Mercedes in 2012, and, given the form of the Silver Arrows this season, who says that the team can't repeat that feat?

As I'm sure you all know by now, thanks to previous Chinese discussion threads, the circuit, designed by Hermann Tilke, was created in the shape of the Chinese symbol 'shang', which means up/above/on top of. Whilst the circuit may not be the most thrilling in the world, it does often produce great races, mainly down to its tight hairpin preceded by a 1km long straight at the end of the lap. Most notable of these was perhaps in 2007, where Lewis Hamilton's title hopes were postponed and eventually crushed in the Chinese gravel in the pit lane.

After the thriller in the Bahraini desert, the pressure will be on the F1 circus to continue to provide the thrills and spills for the Chinese Grand Prix. With the teams sure to be closely matched (apart from the Mercs, obviously), there is little to suggest that it won't be a competitive event, with many questions to be answered. Will the team-mate grudges continue? Will Maldonado stop driving like a nutter? Will a Sauber finish the race? And, most importantly, will Chilton not finish last?

All that remains for me to say is..... Ready, Steady, Discuss!!!
China is the circuit that looks like a big snail isn't it....

So far the only way to look at this season is to ignore the Mercs and simply concentrate on the rest of the pack, but hopefully that will change in the near future....
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That back straight is going to really look good for Mercedes, Williams and the Force.

McLaren must be so disappointed to be the Mercedes team at the back as they were in Bahrain, they've got a lot of work to do.

Red Bull are doing really well on track when considering how underpowered they are, Toro Rosso look like they're in the Toro Rosso position.

Sauber have to be the biggest disappointment, they're in a hopeless position with hopeless drivers and a hopeless car.

At least we all suspected Lotus were skint. 13 reasons I suspected that...
It will be very interesting to see just how fast these new beasts go on the straights in China as the there have been numbers between 230 and 245mph bandied about.
What's Chilton's top speed? That's the one to aim for as long as one can be consistent.:)
Well we didn't see too much of them on the TV coverage. Back to the subject, is Sutil racing in China given his previous indiscretions? Did he race there last year? Does anyone actually care if he turns up?
It will be very interesting to see just how fast these new beasts go on the straights in China as the there have been numbers between 230 and 245mph bandied about.

I bet Mercedes are disappointed Korea isn't happening this year, what with the straight of straights being there.
We always seem to get good races at China so bring it on.

Got the feeling we're gonna see Hulkenberg on a mission after Perez pipped him to a podium. Maybe if it got spiced up with a bit if rain, not uncommon for China, we could see him mixing it up for the lead.
Mind you Mephistopheles, we all pretty much had to ignore them for the last 3 or 4 laps because the bloody director didn't even show them.:givemestrength:

Which is remeniscent of the Caesar's Palace GP from 1982 shown on Sky F1 last night, where the TV director at the time completely ignored Michele Alboretto winning his first ever Grand Prix :shocked:, in favour of concentrating on Keke Rosberg finishing almost a lap back in fifth place and winning the title. Almost as bad as ITV missing the end of one race completely.>:(
Can't see us being lucky enough to have the same treats as last week unless China serves up some mid race rain. If its dry I'll be very happy to see the Mercs battle it out at the front with a 6 car fight over the minor places. (Red Bull, Force India, Williams); Ferrari 9 and 10 again unless it rains....and Max C to finish yet another GP.

Sadly I'll be watching on TV but my sister and brother-in-law will be there for the 4th year in a row ....I'll let you know what they think of the noise !
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