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As soon as I'd seen that Vettel was on Pole on Saturday, I decided to record the highlights or what little highlights they was. Instead I went out for a walk on the beach which gave me more excitement than watching that finger waving German >:(. Voted 3 would have been a 2 but Safety car made it a three.
We definitely seem to be on a downward trend with the number of voters now, this is the 3rd race in a row with less votes than the race before. However, if there are some of you out there who still haven't voted for Singapore you have until Friday evening to submit your score!
A generous 4 from me - and joint lowest score of the season.
Race over after first few corners, except for safety car and some minor tyre-related squabbles near the end.

Somebody mentioned tv coverage earlier, so can I just say that those ridiculous hot-spot segments are getting on my tits!

The look like some of the really bad 'special effects' used in those US (so-called) haunted house reality shows...
... one of which I had the misfortune to see about 3 minutes of, once ..... never again!
Weekly rant over! :givemestrength:
The best haunted house moment on TV was featured on the show of Marmite comedian Harry Hill - TV Burp.

Back of woman's head: "I feel a presence behind me."
HH: "Yeah, its the cameraman."

I think the model of providing pictures and commentary seperately makes effective use of HotSpot impossible.
Without having a mike on the engine cover that's probably as close as us punters can get to hearing the engine for enough laps to analyse what's going on. We would be able to see what gears Vettel is using and that would allow us to confirm or eliminate the theory I posited earlier. If that isn't the cause of the unusual engine tone then we are left with two possibilities: either the ECU is cutting out engine cylinders (one of the methods used to meet pitlane speed limits and for fuel saving) or it's a means of managing power output as would be done for (excuse me for saying this) :o traction control.

I look forward to the heroically (for fear of being busted for video piracy) recorded on board Korean GP laps! Oh, and for the conspiracy theory pastime forum banter that will follow.:D
The truth is out. When is traction control not traction control? When it is "Torque Control" (as explained on The F1 Show today). Pardon me for wanting to piss on a parade, but controlling traction is all about managing the torque to the driven wheels. The reason TC was banned was to place this management at the foot of the driver not the software. Renault have found a loop hole in the tech' reg's to provide a means of TC using the legal and ubiquitous ECU software, and RBR has been the best at using it. From where I sit it appears to me to be against the spirit of the ban but tough titty on those who didn't think of doing it themselves! LOL
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if Jean Todt was team principal of any team right now other than Red Bull he would be barking mad about why the Red Bull is illegal like he use to when he was Ferrari team principal

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