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I give it an 8 only for the battles from 4th through 15th ... relentless racing on a track with zero margin for error with only di Resta binning it when involved in a scrap ...
Without the live timing there would have been little to watch. To make it worse during qualifying I was watching via an Austrian satellite, listening to the live commentary on 5 Live Sports Extra and keeping an eye on the live timing. Actually, that is incorrect, the tv coverage should have been last on the list as it was around 30 seconds behind the other two. Then the radio, which kept on buggering off to the cricket forgot to come back for Q3, rather surreal in fact. So I finished up listening to the German version, must go back to that German language training pack.
I'm glad I voted before reading all your reviews. I think I might have killed myself in a state of depression instead.

I gave the race an 8. It was nearly a nine, with lots of excitement, strategy and overtaking. So Vettel won and no one else was close. Well done Seb, you really are very good, but unlike in the Schumacher days, the TV director chose not to show lap after lap of perfection and instead showed us the mere mortals making mistakes and keeping stuff interesting!

Half point off for the stupid rule about letting lapped cars waste 4 laps trying to catch up. Why, why, why don't they just run them through the pitlane and hold them at the end until the train is past?!?
Gave it a six, not much happened until the safety car came out which altered the strategies.

With Webber, Hamillton and Rosberg not pitting under the safety car is what saved the race in my opinion.

The race itself is too long, it needs to be shortened, Spa has 44 laps while Singapore has 61, and both tracks have similar lap times with only a couple of seconds difference each lap.
EEKS well I was miffed the Mercs DIDN,T pit under the safety car. A possible 2nd and 3rd step of the podium out of the window. Last part of the race was a bit exciting seeing how far the Mercs could get....seems to be the story of the season, the last bit exciting as Hamilton clambers back from somewhere. I guess a 6. Sitting in a bar in Spain supping a cool white wine has made me generous!
3 for me.

Races like Singapore are the epitome of what I really hate about F1 these days:

- Track with absolutely no life to it and redundant corners made up of kerbs. The only USP this race has is that its a night race, which frankly is meh. Its tracks such as these which are destroying F1 as we know it and we are gradually seeing more of these tracks (in place of Nurburgring and Imola) only because of financial considerations

- Tracks such as these had a big role in introducing DRS for overtakes; DRS destroys the art of overtaking even on tracks such as Spa

- I strongly believe that if a safety car on the track is the only way to spice up a race, F1 is in a very poor shape

- Massive domination by Vettel; Kudos to him and RBR for driving a great race, but its not spectator friendly

- It doesn't help when one of the most boring race on the calendar is consistently the longest in time

.. and thats my rant >:(

The positive points:

- Alonso's start; he's just so good :)
- Ironically, Vettel's masterclass in driving. Very impressive
- Some good racing the last 5 laps (although I dont rate it very highly as in my opinion it was fake due to the impact Safety Car has on this track)
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Can I just comment to all those saying Singapore is like Monaco and has no.overtaking points that they should try and catch the highlights of either GP2 race before passing judgement.

GP2 boys struggle to pass at Monaco too but both races at Singapore had some great, and unusually for GP2, clean overtakes. Even saw some three way battles at one point.

It is not Singapore that does not lend itself to overtaking but the current F1 regulations combined with the endurance nature of the race. One of the main factors in the night running is probably the heat. GP2 is run in the day and at least one of the drivers had to be taken to the medical centre afterwards.

I will defend Singapore to the end as I like the track. Canada meets Monaco for me. The race has only ever been won by world champions ya know.
7 - 4 for the race which would have been a 1 sided procession , 1 for the 2nd half exciting bit when the field was bunched, 1 for Vettel showing a master class , and 1 for the fans booing at the end :snigger: the fact that is being talked about more shows you how boring F1 is becoming
I certainly refuse to believe that he's one or two seconds a lap faster than anyone else on the grid based on driving talent alone, but he's a special driver there's no doubt about that.
Well I personally saw I superb overtake from Kimi and when a race provides one of those rare pieces of magic in the modern gimmicky era of drs and shitty tyres that makes me happy.

As Singapore in itself is a gimmick it loses points. 7.
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