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I'm giving it a big old fat 8.

Really enjoyed that one with some great moves and battles. RoGro vs Hamilton; Hulkneberg vs Alonso; Hulkenberg vs Hamilton; Hamilton vs Alonso - all clean, fair and very exciting.

Not to mention 5 abreast on the first lap and that massive scrap with Maldonado, Gutierrez, Massa, Sutil and Bottas!

It was a master class from Vettel again but Grosjean at least kept him honest this time and within 5 - 10 seconds and it was a shame he ended up being jumped by Kimi after the safety cars.

Really enjoyed that one.
7 from me as well. Some good battles down the field and Vettel giving everyone else a driving lesson.
An actual race complete with drama, fire and chaos. The South American battle around the 45 lap stage was epic, good clean driving by all involved. Hulk and Hammy made it interesting to the end. Only downside was Vettel cruising off without being challenged for the lead but if you discount him it was a enjoyable race.
I was very tempted to give this a 9 but I think I'll settle on an 8, partly because although it was good Vettel ran away with it again and partly because maybe my expectations have been lowered by the last three races. The ghostly grandstands are also disappointing.

The race had a bit of everything though, drama and battles throughout. Great drive from Hulkenberg and Grosjean had another strong weekend. A frustrating day for Hamilton, who probably should have been on the podium if Mercedes hadn't left him out on dead tyres for so long and if the Safety Cars hadn't happened. He nevertheless gave us some entertainment in battles with Hulkenberg, Grosjean and Alonso.

EDIT: Remember there's just a week to vote until the next race!!
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Who cares that Vettel won again. The TV director once again showed us the good stuff. Great battles up and down the field. A crazy firetruck driver, but once again 3 laps lost because of the stupid SC backmarker delay. 9
Only 6 from me, but I've changed my mind and it was probably a 7. It was an enjoyable race but not necessarily due to racing (though there actually was some). It was definitely spiced up by the safety car.
I've gone for 7 because there was no glimmer of a fight at the front, the rest of the field did manage to make the race watchable though ; even exciting at times.
I'm about to watch it again because I can't make my mind up. In terms of enjoyment I'm tempted to give it an 8 but I have some concerns about what I actually witnessed.

With regard to the TV producer (and crew) I think he/she did the best job of the season so far and deserves a 10. Why? Because they:
  • Caught loads of action and followed it through.
  • Great use of the static cameras placed at interesting positions gave us much more of an idea of how fast F1 is with spectacular shots of cars whizzing through the frame.
  • Very few of those tedious and pointless slo-mo's at this race than at others where producers get off on ****ing over "still shot F1 porn"
  • Very few (almost none) of those boring back of peeps heads shots on pit wall, or peeps in the garages and hospitality suites reacting to what we want to be watching.
Other producers and directors should take note that that is how it should be done so that we, the sofa-bound, can enjoy their product.

I'll get back to you after the re-run!

Oh, by the way WSB and BSB are trying to keep up with F1 this week - prangs and bikes in flames in at least one race each so far today!:D Crossing fingers that there will be no fatalities or serrious injuries.
Hulk was terrific and Perez made a great comeback. TV crew did a great job showing the battles rather than just showing the leader going around the circuit.

I might have given it a 9 if the Williams team had managed to score points. Unfortunately, they only advanced thru attrition, and thus came up a little short (again).
Well worth an 8 by my standards. Hulkenburg was awesome, hearing the desparation from Hamilton really underlined that! Raikkonen just shows up, great fighting down the field. Imagining Vettel's reaction when that firetruck showed up on the back straight was also fun!
7, quite entertaining. :)

Some great racing (non DRS), safety car antics and a fire (with no injuries). I also liked Hamilton's radio message asking his team if he could come in to change tyres as his current tyres were ****ed..! :snigger:
Here in RG20 we saw a different race.

The one we saw had the leader scamper off, the bottom half of the finishers move forward 5 places based on those further up the field who dropped out. A Grosjean and Hulkenburg train and tactics decided by the tyres....

Throw in the idiotic deployment of a 4X4, a crowd that turned up because they had free tickets and you have a shambles.

I'll be generous (trust me I was planning less) - 4,,, best thing about this race is that i's over :(
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