Grand Prix 2013 Indian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Here's CTA's discussion thread on the Indian GP, as F1 travels to New Delhi from October 25-27:


Despite the best efforts of Webber and RoGro, Vettel needs only a fifth place finish to secure his 4th title, which means its all over in the WDC. But the drivers down the grid have more than pride at stake.

Alonso's lack of performance over the last 2 races, better pace from Hamilton and Kimi and the lack of any bad luck for Webber means that the 2nd to 5th positions in the WDC are yet to be settled. And good performances (or the lack of it) from several drivers (Hulkenberg, Massa, Sutil, Di Resta to name a few) could still determine where (and if) they are driving next season.


RBR may be on the verge of winning the WCC, but only 33 points separate 2nd placed Ferrari from 4th placed Lotus, and the battle for 2nd position (very important from a monetary standpoint) is poised to go down to the last couple of races. Sauber and McLaren may have secured their respective positions from their rivals, but can McLaren get that elusive podium to avoid the record books from being rewritten.

Circuit and Race:

Despite having an interesting track layout, with each and every lap of the Indian GP being led by Vettel to date, its no wonder that the past races don't trigger too many memories. And with race not being held next year, a good race and crowd support will be essential for the race to return in 2015.

But throw in some encouraging signs from the Japanese GP (atleast Vettel didn't win it in Lap 1) and the tyre degradation battles in the last 2 races (tracks similar in nature to the BIC) and who knows, we could have an interesting Indian GP. But one things for sure, it will be a pleasant surprise if we dont see that finger....
Can't say the India Grand Prix of India India India is one I look forward to with a passion but after Japan I'm quite excited to see what will happen.

If Kimi and Fernando bother to turn it on in quali will they be able to push the Red Bulls like Grosjean has been doing? Hope so for the race sake. If Merc can produce a race car then maybe Lewis can come play too. Current betting is Grosjean will be the man though and I'm sure we'd all love to see him win.

Force India must be looking nervously over their shoulder at Sauber and hoping that their home race produces a miracle.

Rumours that an arab gentlemen was seen offering Sebastian Vettel a large sum of money to retire in India and clinch the title in Abu Dhabi can not be confirmed......rumours that Bernie is preparing a counter offer for him to wait until Texas also can not be taken as fact.
Track is great fun to drive, it's given us some interesting racing as well. I hope this year someone can take the fight to Vettel and stop him dominating this race
Why is it starting at half past the hour?
That a bit oddddd.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 16.36.15.png

Edit: Solved it. Indias time zone is the odd ball 5.30hrs ahead of us. So the race does start on the hour. Just not for the UK.
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best moment of this race is the first lap run down on the long straight otherwise there is not much to say about the track which is a carbon copy of Korea near enough
It's such an 'ugly' race - basically, from watching it on the TV, it doesn't make me want to go there, even if I could.
Bill Boddy I see what you did there.

So 'really' the race sort of starts at 10.30am but due to the clock change it will actually be 9.30am but feel like 10.30 even though its 9.30.
Kewee - I'd also like to add that if one was to watch sport in India, they would be better served to go to the cricket.

Although, if I was a celebrity, with the access all areas kind of thing going on, I'd want to go to Buddh or Yeongam or Budapest, because I feel I'd get a more authentic feel for what F1 people actually do on the grid than if I was at Monaco, Monza or Singapore, dodging all the other entourages.
only 20k for the race :o:o:o:censored::censored::snigger::snigger:

yep, this one won't be back in 2015.

I went to Melbourne this year, there was far more than 20k on Thursday and F1 wasn't even running! But 20k for a race, in the world's second most populous country in its 2nd largest city, pathetic.

This is where the argument of street track vs. permanant track starts. Why spend 300 million on a track that only hosts 3 races? Talk about white elephant.
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