Grand Prix 2013 German Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So we leave the sunny shores of Great Britain behind and after a short cross channel hop and a chance to pick up some low tax cigarettes and alcohol we're off to the Rhineland in Germany and to the Nurburgring. If you fancy popping over, you could use the time to look around the place and have it valued, as it is currently up for sale.

Coming only a week after the British GP, the tyre debacle will still be very fresh in the minds of all who saw or took part in the race. It is extremely unlikely that any significant changes to the tyre construction will have taken place prior to the start of the race so all eyes will be on P1 to see if the lipped curbs of the, soon to be famous, turn 4 at Silverstone were responsible or was there a deeper issue with this year’s brand of boot?

For two of the home drivers at this race there will be a new focus on succeeding. For Vettel it was the rarest of things, a mechanical failure of a Red Bull, that saw his closest championship rivals close down his points total and put more pressure on. For Rosberg it was his second win of the season at Silverstone and with a clearly improving Merc, a chance perhaps to continue the momentum and mount a title challenge.

All of the top 4 teams go into the next round knowing that they have capable cars that can put them in the mix, so driver skill is becoming ever more important. We've seen that Mercedes can now maintain the pace of qualification in race trim but we've also seen that Red Bull and Ferrari have lost none of their speed while Lotus continue to bring home the points with Kimi.

Further back down the field McLaren have already fallen behind Force India in terms of race pace and are almost in danger of being swallowed up by the improving pace of the two Rosso cars as their drivers have found the inspiration to improve on their performances thanks to a departing Webber.

Williams are still struggling for points but as yet there is no danger of the "young" teams, as they are now being called on TV catching them up. As for Caterham and Marussia, well, they'll be at the track.

So, will the Mercs be on top at their second home GP or will the challenge come from one of the others??
Have Alonso and Raikkonen had some sort of falling out? Just seen a picture on Loose Wheel Nuts from Germany with a stick man image of Kimi doing something rude to Fernando (I'll post it when I'm not at work).

Edit: here's the picture

Ok this boycott thing is just silly. Can someone tell me how if a tyres blows during the race that all the drivers are going to know about it unless told by the team and if they do find out about how are they all going to communicate with each other to organise everyone stopping? You're not telling me someones going to hear about it and just pull up going "I'm sure the others will stop when they find out"

If they did that they might be stunned to find out how many broken radios there are that day
The danger will come if there are any blow outs on the Saturday. Indy 2005 may pale in comparison.
The danger lies in the fact that neither team nor driver are prepared to follow guidelines. So if any tyre should delaminate, explode or cause mayhem, then the stewards first port of call should be the relevant garage to seize all of their telemetry, emails and radio messages.
The Beeb and Sky seem to think that Mercedes are in good shape today after the practice sessions. Don't they ever read the lap charts? Vettel was the only driver out there today doing consistent times in his runs, including a string of 1:36's whilst all about him were still up in the 1:37's or worse. He capped that off with fastest time of the day overall.

Most times of the others, including Hamilton and Rosberg, were all over the place. Hopefully that will change in P3 but if it doesn't it will be Vettel on pole and a stroll in the park for him on Sunday. Still, that will be okay for many a fan, I guess.
Is this season over?

RBR were already looking as good as Merc in quali, and as good as any on race pace.
They've now gotten the tyres they've been bleating for as well.

Should we all just cancel the next 5 months and watch something else?
..... well, suppose I will watch today and tomorrow - just in case there looks to be any light at the end of the tunnel. :unsure:
Feel sorry Merc misjudged condition of track & didn't get Nico out again in Q2...he will have more tyres tomorrow & maybe can do something.
Lewis again pulls it out of the bag...just hope he can convert his pole to a win....:thumbsup:
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