Grand Prix 2013 German Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

So we leave the sunny shores of Great Britain behind and after a short cross channel hop and a chance to pick up some low tax cigarettes and alcohol we're off to the Rhineland in Germany and to the Nurburgring. If you fancy popping over, you could use the time to look around the place and have it valued, as it is currently up for sale.

Coming only a week after the British GP, the tyre debacle will still be very fresh in the minds of all who saw or took part in the race. It is extremely unlikely that any significant changes to the tyre construction will have taken place prior to the start of the race so all eyes will be on P1 to see if the lipped curbs of the, soon to be famous, turn 4 at Silverstone were responsible or was there a deeper issue with this year’s brand of boot?

For two of the home drivers at this race there will be a new focus on succeeding. For Vettel it was the rarest of things, a mechanical failure of a Red Bull, that saw his closest championship rivals close down his points total and put more pressure on. For Rosberg it was his second win of the season at Silverstone and with a clearly improving Merc, a chance perhaps to continue the momentum and mount a title challenge.

All of the top 4 teams go into the next round knowing that they have capable cars that can put them in the mix, so driver skill is becoming ever more important. We've seen that Mercedes can now maintain the pace of qualification in race trim but we've also seen that Red Bull and Ferrari have lost none of their speed while Lotus continue to bring home the points with Kimi.

Further back down the field McLaren have already fallen behind Force India in terms of race pace and are almost in danger of being swallowed up by the improving pace of the two Rosso cars as their drivers have found the inspiration to improve on their performances thanks to a departing Webber.

Williams are still struggling for points but as yet there is no danger of the "young" teams, as they are now being called on TV catching them up. As for Caterham and Marussia, well, they'll be at the track.

So, will the Mercs be on top at their second home GP or will the challenge come from one of the others??
the last two results at the Ring

1st Webber
2nd Vettel
3rd Raikkonen

This was after Webber was given a penalty for clashing with Hamilton and had to storm back to win

1st Hamilton
2nd Alonso
3rd Webber

Vettel was nowhere surprisingly making errors and pinching 4th from the pitstop race with Ferrari .. he came under serious pressure from accusations that he was favoured by Red Bull

So maybe Webber may beat Vettel again

Mercedes look like they've got some real speed to trouble Red Bull . I think Alonso and Raikkonen might be a bit closer this time round
I think if there are more failures during free practice it may well be boycotted.
I want to see a race so I hope pirelli have got their shit together.

As for Bernies opinion, I stoped listening to anything he says many many years ago.
Well if it is boycotted, Bernie won't be losing any money. Apparently, he waived the fee for the race to take place.
Bernie says he's heading to the German race to oversee any troubles.

One problem, doesn't Lil Bern have a small problem with the German tax authorities who would wish to speak to him at length I'd imagine?

Do you reckon his jet will just keep the engines running just in case?
I thought that Vettel was in front of Rosberg from turn 1 onwards. The last three laps or so before Vettel's problem he was being pulled back by Rosberg.

That's a real gear box problem vetty boy, not like the [Clears throat.] one you had at [Clears throat again.] Interlagos..
A Webber win in Seb's back yard in his last German GP would be awesome please :).

If not a Lewis or Nico win would be good!

However, Paul di Resta if he starts from a good position should be on for some decent points I hope :).
I would be interested to learn what the banana bread Ecclestone can do if tyres continue to explode. Enter into a long one-sided conversation where he tries to cut a deal with a left-rear?

Sometimes his omnipotence is overstated.

Anyone reckon that if tyres do fail it'll be Massa, Perez and some others as this supposedly random problem always is?
Why is Webber suddenly being talked up to beat Vettel. He hasn't out-qualified him all year and will likely start behind again this weekend. Add to this his shit starts and he will be screaming multi 21 quicker than he could find first gear.
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