Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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This is my quiz swansong, so I'll try and make sure you all score as few points as possible!

1. Before Tsonga this year, the last two times a Frenchman got to the semi-finals of Roland Garros were in 2001 and 2008, but what links the two Grands Prix in Canada of those two years?

Retirements for Giancarlo Fisichella and Fernando Alonso, half a point for each

2. The 2013 Canadian Grand Prix shares a date with the birthday of which ex-Alfa Romeo driver who scored a single win?

Luigi Fagioli

3. The last three times the Canadian Grand Prix wasn't held, what happened the following year?

A Mclaren win

4. Who was the first winner at the Circuit Giles Villeneuve that went on to win the World Championship in the same year?

Ayrton Senna

5. Which two constructors that won the Canadian Grand Prix before it was a F1 event, failed to win it as an F1 event?

Lola and Chaparral, half a point for each

6. Michael Schumacher has the most victories at Canada, but who has more victories out of:
A. Ayrton Senna B. Lewis Hamilton C. Sir Jackie Stewart

B. Lewis Hamilton with three, the others have two

7. Who was the first driver to be penalised for speeding in the pits?

Erik Comas

8. The first part of the two part episode in which the ninth Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston regenerated in was broadcast on June 11th. Who won the Canadian Grand Prix the next day?

Kimi Raikkonen in 2005

9. Who led the Championship after the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton

10. How many drivers that have won the Canadian Grand Prix have seen their country go on to win the World Cup in the same year?

I dont understand the Q1 answer. don't see the link.

3 points.

p.s. did I miss the monaco quiz.
Edit: no I didn't derp.
4, but Jos the Boss I'd like to make an appeal for an extra mark due to question 3
the year after the last three years when the Canadian GP wasn't held, there were new (I.e. first time) world champions... In 1975, the race wasn't held, Hunt won the championship in '76... In '87 the race wasn't held, senna won his first championship the next year, in 2009, the race wasn't held, Vettel won his first championship the next year... I hadn't twigged that qn3 was about the following year's Canadian GP from the question!

Also, I'm not sure that question 10 is clear enough to give a zero!

as far as I can tell, there are 6 drivers who have won and gone on to see their country win the World Cup- Alesi, Prost, Piquet and Emmo, Laffite and Arnoux - to be clear, I'm not trying to claim an extra point for this question - I could only remember 4, but it makes a difference
I got 1, but I wish to appeal. I should have two.

Q4 does not specify that they won the championship in that year, so I said Piquet. He won the race in 82 and the championship in 83
And I agree with The Artist..... on Q10
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