Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Due to a misplaced question I seemed to have volunteered to do this, but luckily, I have nothing better to be doing on a Friday night, so without further ado...

1. Which ex-driver with an MBE shares his birthday with qually day?

Alan Jones

2. Nine drivers that took part in 2009 should be racing here this season but can you name the two that scored points in both '09 and '12? Half a point for each.

Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button

3.What is Jenson Button's lowest finish in a race at Abu Dhabi?

Fourth, his best finish this season is fifth

4. Of the races that have taken place on 3rd November, who won the only one that wasn't in Australia?

Graham Hill, back in 1968

5. Lewis Hamilton won on which landmark occasion for Mclaren here in 2011?

Their 175th Grand Prix

6. What was the tyre compound choices at the race last year?

Medium and Softs, no half points!

7. Which two drivers caused the 2010 safety car?

Vitantonio Liuzzi hit the spinning Michael Schumacher, half points again!

8. On November 2nd, an unnamed gambler won £125,000 from Ladbrokes after he bet £100 after he bet on what and when? Half a point for each.

They bet on Lewis Hamilton winning the World Championship before 25 when he was only 13!

9. Also with a birthday on November 2nd, which driver made his sole appearance for Minardi, crashing out on lap 31 of the '99 Brazillian Grand Prix?

Stephane Sarrazin

10. On November 12th 2003, Etihad launched their first flight, but what achievement took place on that date in 1995 for the first time since 1969?

A win by two laps, Damon Hill won the Australian Grand Prix by two laps of Olivier Panis

Now, none of you better get 10s!
2 but appealing for extra points for getting some key bits of q8 right!
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