Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Monaco GP


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So we're back at Monaco. And thus another quiz. About Monaco.

1. In which year did Ferrari last win at Monaco?


2. Which current driver will be marking the anniversary of their last Monaco win on 27th May?

Fernando Alonso - 5 years ago.

3. The only non-Monaco GP to go ahead on 27 May was the 1951 Swiss GP. Juan Manuel Fangio won it for which constructor?

Alfa Romeo

4. Who scored his last pole position in F1 at the Monaco GP on 27 May 1979?

Eventual race winner and World Champion Jody Scheckter scored his third and last pole.

5. Alberto Ascari died on 57 years ago on qualifying day. How many times did he win a World Championship race?


6. Tuesday will see the 40th birthday of F1 longevity legend Rubens Barrichello. But he's not the only birthday this week. Lets play Going for Gold! Rules here!

I am 49 on the 24th May 2012
I have driven for Ferrari
My best result in F1 is 2nd
I am Italian
My career lasted from 1985-1993
I have driven for Jordan and Tyrrell
I did not score a podium for Ferrari
My four F1 team-mates were Gugelmin, Brundle, Alesi and Barrichello
I never qualified on the front row
I finished 2nd in the 1990 French GP

Ivan Capelli

Thankyou Greenlantern101

7. Who was the last person to win Monaco twice in a row with the same constructor?

Michael Schumacher, Benetton, 1994-5

8. Fill in the gap.

Nuvolari, Marzotto, McLaren, Beltoise, _______, Senna, Coulthard.

Riccardo Patrese. These are the winners of the Monaco GP in 1932, 1952 (sportscar race only held), 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992 and 2002

9. Other than Panis and Coulthard, name the other finisher of the 1996 Monaco GP

Johnny Herbert of Sauber

10. The latest ever Monaco GP was on 4th June 2000. Who was lapped by his victorious team-mate?

Mika Hakkinen by Coulthard!
I bagged a big fat 0!! :D

... And no, none of you can have it. It's mine, I tell you. All mine... :twisted:

I didn't have a clue for most of the questions, but there were a couple I should have answered correctly. But hell, I can barely remember what happened last week... :s
No it doesn't. The race is on 27th May. The last time the race was on the 27th May was in
. Reworded anyway.
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