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Still a few weeks to go before the new cars are unveiled and before a Pirelli shod wheel has turned in anger but, realistically, there are only 5 teams who are capable of producing a car which could propel a driver to a Championship win. So, without the benefit of any testing times, I've listed above the 10 drivers from the top 5 teams for you vote who you believe will be the WDC in 2011.

You can vote with your heart or with your head, I don't mind. It would be interesting to know why you made the choice you did though.

Me, I've gone for Alonso. His pace at the end of last year was stunning and I believe Ferrari will provide an even stronger machine for him to challenge for the title with.
I normally don't vote on this topic because I'm afraid I'll jinx the recipient... however I didn't vote for Lewis last year or the year before on any such pole so I don't think it'll make that much difference.

I know he is capable of winning it if the car is up to it, I still have doubts about McLaren's technical nous and strategic capabilities though. They tend to shoot themselves in the foot a lot and occasionally in the head. They're a bunch of muppets, truth be known. :twisted: :dizzy: :blink:
I've gone for Jenson surprisingly enough. I think McLaren are going to have a storming year and Lewis is going to push him close, but I think Lewis will have a few issues as per usual.

If I didn't go for Jenson, I think the surprise this year will be Schumacher.
I've gone for Seb. I think last year he took the title only because his undoubted talent had some help from the mistakes of others (and perhaps a little more support from his own team than his team mate). I think this year the "youthful exuberance" that has marked some of his drives to date, will be gone and we will see a new and more controlled driver.

I don't think Mark will be the same threat this year and in any case I think that the atmosphere between the two should be a little more relaxed from what I've read in the press.

Adrian Newey last season, produced an awesome car that in qualifying trim is unbeatable, I can't see why they won't produce another world beater this season or Vettel letting that advantage slip in race trim.

Alonso and Hamilton will be the nearest challengers but for me I don't see Ferrari producing a car as quick as the RBR and I don't see Mclaren having the consistancy of either RBR or Ferrari.

Button, Webber and Rosberg will be there when things go wrong for the big three but I can't see them keeping the pace up through the whole season.

I think Schuey could go either way. He will either challenge for the top 6 in most races or he will once again hover on the fringes of the top 10 and retire once and for all. It all depends how closely he can bring the new Merc toward his driving style. Whatever happens, I don't see him winning again.

Kubica is undoubtably quick and Petrov will have learnt from last year but I can't see Renault keeping pace with the other 4. I think there are more financial woes at the team than we've heard about and they will have to work hard to keep up the level of car development they produced last year.

All though I wouldn't be suprised in Massa is shunted out of the team during the season I think he will make it to the end because if anything, he isn't a threat to Alonso but I fully expect him to become more demoralised as the season goes on. I think there are a number of drivers looking at that second seat at Ferrari for 2012 (yes I know it's a bit early to say that when he haven't even got out of 2011 yet) but Massa will certainly not be one of them.
I've gone for Lewis.
Ruled totally by my heart of course, as a big fan ever since his junior karting days.
But with a steadier private life and better focus on the task than in 2010, and as long as Mclaren deliver him a competitive car from the start, I think he'll walk it.
Had to go for the young German again. :(

With a Newey designed car underneath him and having learnt from his many mistakes last year I'm not sure there will be much in the way that can stop him.

My heart is saying Jenson or Lewis but I can't see McLaren putting the right car together that will suit both drivers.

Ferrari's internal politics will implode as usual and they will miss out on another title.
After last years triumph and another years experience plus a Newey designed car its difficult not to forecast him.
Its too tough to say :thinking: :thinking: . Only Schumacher has driven on Pirellis and that was 20 years ago and there is a raft of rule changes, none of which will benefit one team over another.

Only after the cars start racing in Bahrain will the form be known.
I will go for Vettel to repeat. He matured a lot last year and should be more formidible this year. But the main reason for my vote is the guy that isn't even driving--Newey. With nobody having experience with the new tyres, I expect that Newey will be able to utilize them better than anyone else. The man is a design genius, after all.
When I said Ross Brawn would win a title with Honda when he joined them, some people laughed at me (not this site). After a couple of seasons of being in the doldrums, my prediction wasn't looking good and then they closed down. However, even though he didn't win titles with Honda, he did so with a Honda designed car.

Mercedes have the benefit of not being in the title hunt last year and so were able to start development early and so I think they will be very competitive this season (although BMW did the same in 2008!). Even though Red Bull remain the team to beat and Mclaren and Ferrari will be up there, I have a funny feeling about the Silver Arrows and perhaps it is Rosberg's chance to show that he is champion material (or Schumi to show that he still is).
Ok, I have an unfair advantage over everyone, because I have a crystal ball..!

However, the mystic that sold me the ball said it's made out of ground-down snail shells, so it's a little bit slow, which means it won't actually tell me who'll win for approximately 11 months...

So, whilst we wait, I'm gonna take a guess and vote for Jenson. I think hope the car will actually suit him well this year and the Pirelli tyres will heat up nicely for him, thus he'll qualify well and have many a blinding race... :chuffed:


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I am going to hang fire until the first tests because if the Red Bull has the same advantage as last year, i reckon Vettel will retain it, but its impossible to say right now
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