2011 Spanish Grand Prix Honourable & Dishonourable Mentions of the Weekend


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Thought about putting this in the driver of the Weekend Thread but thought it might stand up on it's own.

My Hon Mench is Paul Di Resta with his excellent pre-race briefing on the grid.
There is usually a high and low point thread but one hasn't been created yet so here will do!

My honourable mention has to be the Spanish GP itself for actually providing entertainment.

The dishonourable discharge has to go to the race director though! Missing so many crucial moments including Alonso re-taking his position and many of the overtakes that happened. Too many slo-motion shots and not replays of actual action!
Honourable mention Mclaren's pit crew, their times all seemed sub 4 seconds.

Dishonourable to Karthikeyan for holding up Hamilton on a lap where he was closer to Vettel. >:(
Honourable mention: How we don't need DRS

Dishonourable mention: Pirelli's hard tyres need a bit of work pace wise
I agree honorable mention to Paul Di Resta for taking the time to explain F1 steering wheels 15 minutes before a grand prix
Honourable Mention: Perez - a couple of good points and beat his team-mate - what more could Sauber ask?

Dishonourable mention - whoever designed the overalls Lewis Hamilton was wearing in Quali - he looked like a gangsta clown!
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