Poll 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

  • Mark Webber

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  • Fernando Alonso

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  • Felipe Massa

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  • Michael Schumacher

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  • Nico Rosberg

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  • Nick Heidfeld

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  • Vitaly Petrov

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  • Rubens Barrichello

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  • Pastor Maldonado

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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  • Sergio Perez

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  • Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Vitantonio Luizzi

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  • Timo Glock

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  • Jerome d'Ambrosio

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Button because everybody else among the leaders lost themselves a bundle of time with various mistakes.
Di Resta deserves a metion, and Alguersuarri was doing well until that incident he could have avoided.


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Button drove brilliantly, Lewis was his usual self (F1's equivalent of Kevin Pietersen "that's how I race") but I've voted for Daniel Ricciardo. Finished the race, didn't make a tit of himself and beat his team mate and d'Ambrosio.


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Dare I have an opinion?

Button may well have been driver of the weekend but the BBC love in every time he does anything vaguely impressive is so off balance I can't quite bring myself to vote for him. Along with the way everything he does, no matter how spontaneous, seems like it was scripted weeks ago.

Lewis made mistakes although I believe they were a concertina from the super softs decision which basically handed Jenson the win. I can't see anything splitting their overall performences to be honest.

Both the Renaults were crap, that's right, both. They need to sort out Heidfeld's exhuast system. It's like Boulier wants the kid he manages to take the seat but can't justify it based on ability so he' just gonna have to blow Heidfeld up. Or maybe Nick's just so damn hot, y'know? (You know I woudla loved to see Heidfeld smoke everyone to a podium after last week!)

If I was going to vote I might go for Ricciardo but I don't think anyone shone brightly enough. Nobody gets the vote.

might sneak back and vote for Heidfeld when nobody's looking...


Race Winner
Voted for Lewis...he was great P1, P2...&3
Great Quali..nearly pole
Great Race.....the spin (on the wrong tyres?) was soon put right...laudable, getting out of the way so quickly, & not causing an accident......but he was given a drive thru....typical
Wrong tyre strategy by the team cost him the race, but he bit the bullet & said nowt...hoping the team will do better for him next time?

Buemi was also brilliant after his five grid penalty..to a points finish.

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Easy peasy - Jenson gets the vote because he put himself in the position to profit when Lewis' race unravelled. Don't forget that he also made a good pass on Vettel to place himself there too.

Honourable mention to Di Resta for bringing it home in the points & showing good pace.


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Button for me, strong qualifying, strong race, made the right decisions throughout, pretty much faultless really.


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Given the end of the race I can't vote for Hamilton, despite being biased. He will be my most entertaining driver of the weekend when that thread is created though, and no doubt will have contenders for overtake of the weekend yet again. I've narrowed it down to Button, di Resta or Buemi...

I'm still unsure about Button because I still feel he inherited the win from Hamilton's misfortune and although he was matching Lewis' pace for much of the race Lewis was always able to maintain a gap. However, my vote is going to go to him for his part in the various battles with Lewis on the first lap and when it started raining towards the end of the race. They were wheel to wheel for many corners with no contact and all eight wheels firmly on the black stuff throughout. Immense skill and talent from both drivers. This for me is what gives Button's drive the edge over di Resta and Buemi.

I think I've finally come to a sensible decision.

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A close race for the most part, some good drives up and down the field, but I gave it to Jenson, for the same reasons that I gave it to Lewis last week. the right moves were made at the right time, and the car was kept mostly on the track, and pointing in the right direction, which is the important thing in those conditions.
Button as the winner is ofcourse a candidate. However I see his win as a rare triumph for his relatively slow and cautious approach. The approach will not win a WC but can win races when stuff happens. With his experience and a car as good as the McLaren can be, I don't think its the style of a great. Also he had an incentive in today being his 200th race, he needs special inspiration to produce his best it seems.
Having said that cometh the hour cometh the Button, so he deserved his win.

Lewis is another candidate, I dont really see what he did wrong all weekend really. Alonso spun more times, everyone made mistakes and once again his team were culpable in throwing away a first or second place by the lamentable decision to not go onto the primes, especially when he had proven in Q2 that he was not much slower than Button on options. Hindsight is good yes, but Whitmarsh's McLaren are seriously naive too regularly for a slick F! team with the pedigree.

Di Resta is a candidate for completing a race like that which was impressive enough.

Mentions to Buemi, another brilliant race, he has had a couple this season and is very impressive.


World Champion
A few candidates....quite more than usual, but it isn't the top 5 as you expect!

The candidates are, Massa, Buemi, Ricciardo, di Resta

di Resta - was quite quiet, all I saw him was take avoiding action and pull away from that Kobayashi train! But his team-mate qualified 6th, but was nowhere in the race, the opposite for the young Scotsman

Ricciardo - wasn't far off Liuzzi in qualifying, think it was a tenth, might be two. But then in the race finished ahead of him in tricky conditions, and by some margin too, 15-19s I think it was.

Massa - Out-qualified Alonso, but maybe that came to his disadvantage as he lost out on a few places at the start? Good race for Massa in a way, after spinning, then getting his strategy screwed an pitstops aswell (do they ever go right for him these days? :rolleyes:) he still finished 6th and came through the field a few times. His only downfall was the spin...

The Moose!!! - Sebastian Buemi, started 23rd with a penalty he shouldn't have had, nearly got into Q2 with just the prime tyres which is 0.8-1.2s slower than the options, while the drivers infront of him were using the primes. I know this is driver of the "weekend" but that must have been some lap by him on the prime tyres if he just missed out by a tenth or two while the his nearest runners where using primes.

Made a great start from 23rd to i think it was 13th? Finishes 8th and ahead of his team-mate from that far down, great performance by him.

I will give it Buemi :)


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Well, faultless except for the mistakes and being outraced on track by his teammate. ;)

Where's the dislike option?

Jenson gets driver of the weekend for me - yes you can say he lucked in a bit - yes you can say he made a few mistakes and went off the road a bit - but at the end of the day he made sure he was in the right place at the right time to benifit from others errors and brought it home. Top drive JB.

Buemi gets a mention from me for coming through the field and beating his team-mate who despite being more highly rated than him trails him in the championship again for the 3rd year running!


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Jenson got it for me, despite me not being his biggest fan. In a race like that whoever is leading at the finish deserves it. He had his luck from Lewis' misfortune, but the battle between Lewis and jenson was brilliant, I love to see two teammates battling it out in difficult conditions (take note Red Bull and Ferrari!)
Anyone else think Lewis' drive thru was a bit harsh? He spun round quickly to avoid the two cars that he was totally blocking, and Di Resta (despite having a brilliant race) jumped out of the way a lot more than he had to. (although insticts do make you over react sometimes) I think a warning/reprimand would have been more appropriate.


Di Resta fan :).
After much thought and consideration i've decided to vote for Paul Di Resta, but it was a close call with Buemi. Thought those two had crackers of a race and managed the conditions brilliantly even better than the top six.


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Voted JB but only because I saw highlights between cooking dinner for the outlaws.

JB and his garage read the track and race correctly and he was always in contention all weekend. He made some decent passes and raced fairly and within his and the cars abilities all the way. It wasn't a performance to set the world on fire but it did the job better than anyone else managed.

I would love to have offered it to anyone else down the field who was deserving but I didn't get the chance to follow the race too closely...
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