Pre-GP Quiz 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix - Pre-Race Quiz


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1. In which year did the Brazilian Grand Prix move from the start to the end of the season?

The last early season GP in Brazil was in 2003. The first end of season one was in 2004.

2. This is the first Grand Prix on the 27th November. Which date was the previous latest November Grand Prix?

20th November gets you the marks; it was the 1960 USGP

3. The Grand Prix is on the anniversary of the death of Giancarlo Baghetti (1995). After winning his first Grand Prix, how many times did he finish in the points?

Only twice - at Zandvoort and Monza in 1962

4. The Grand Prix is on the birthday of Kenny Acheson. Where is the only country he finished a Grand Prix in?

South Africa in 1983. He didn't qualify for 8 of his 11 entries.

5. Graham Hill's last Grand Prix was in Brazil in 1975. Who won it?

Carlos Pace, who was also to die in an aeroplane accident.

6. Which position, throughout his long career, has Rubens Barrichello most often started from, including for his last win at Monza in 2009?

5th, on 29 occasions, the first at Barcelona in 1994 and the last at Monza in 2009

7. Excluding their 6 Grand Prix winners (Barrichello, Senna, Massa, Piquet, Fittipaldi and Pace) which Brazilian driver has scored the most points?

Nelsinho Piquet. That 2nd in Germany in 2008 was the catalyst, as he scored 19 points to Roberto Moreno's 15. (More points available in 2008 too!)

8. Who was the last person to win the Brazilian Grand Prix twice in a row?

Juan-Pablo Montoya in 2004-05 for Williams and McLaren

9. Who was the last Brazilian GP pole sitter to not return for the following year's race (as Hulkenburg probably will not this year)

Felipe Massa in 2009

10. Who has won more Brazilian GPs than anyone else?

Alain Prost (6).
What staggers me is that I knew the answer to the Kenny Acheson question, how on earth had that got stuck in my head?
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