2011 Brazilian Grand Prix out of 10

2011 Brazilian Grand Prix out of 10

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4 - It was a race and the last of the season. That's the best that can be said of it.

I was hoping for a little more 'real' racing and a little less team intervention. The top teams had nothing to lose if they allowed drivers to do their best and that might have made it more exciting - increasingly, it becomes obvious that fans don't matter.
7 (more of a 6.5 really). I enjoyed the pure quality overtakes that Button and Alonso pulled on each other. Two of the best this season. I enjoyed Hamilton hounding Massa while it lasted, and Sutil and Rosberg going wheel-to-wheel. I've realised that I don't like DRS at all, and I much prefer seeing overtaking being made a real achievement like it was today. I even liked Schumacher and Senna's little scrap - I prefer that kind of tough racing to DRS fly-bys - although the drive-through was unnecessary.

Also nice to see Webber get the W. His comments in the press conference after qualifying suggested to me that he doesn't think he has the same equipment as Vettel; he said "we both got the most out of the car" despite the fact that he was 0.2s slower. He was pretty cold with Vettel after the race too.
I gave the race 5 out of 10.

Although there were spatterings of micro-excitement, there was no real sense of anticipation of what could happen, other than the McLarens and the Ferrari's. And we were deprived on one battle due to John Button urinating in Lewis' gearbox :whistle:

A few attempts at career saving drives, notably from Adrian Sutil, but I do not think there will be any aspects of this race that I will remember fondly when the new season rolls into town next year.

I guess it wasnt helped by there being relatively little to race for, with all the titles being decided a while ago, and the WCC also being pretty much covered off, and the coverage of the midfield battle for the lower positions I felt was a little sparse, although, I think that other than Force India, the Renaults, Torro Rosso's and Saubers were unable to really excel.
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