Poll 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix Chump of the Weekend

2010 Hungarian GP Chump of the Weekend

  • Jenson Button

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  • Lewis Hamilton

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  • Michael Schumacher

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  • Sebastian Vettel

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  • Felipe Massa

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  • Fernando Alonso

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  • Rubens Barrichello

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  • Nico Hülkenberg

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  • Robert Kubica

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Vitantonio Liuzzi

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  • Sébastien Buemi

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  • Jaime Alguersuari

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Sakon Yamamoto

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  • Bruno Senna

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  • Pedro de la Rosa

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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Well until quite late on in the race, there weren't many contenders for this.

However, I have a feeling I know how this one is going to go.

So apart from the obvious choice, is there anyone else who deserves CotW?
Gone for the "obvious choice" Michael Schumacher. Incredibly dangerous move, if the wall hadn't ended Rubens would have been in real trouble. He then kept pushing and nearly put Barrichello into the rain gutter and onto the grass.
Schumacher without doubt.He should have been black flagged for his move on Barrichello.
Extremely dangerouse. and stupid thing to do.
I have to go for the entire Mercedes team. They butchered Rosbergs stop, eliminating him from the race, and they allow MS to pull dangerous moves. They should sit him (MS) down for one race and tell him to get his act together. They also seem to still have brake problems, because, once again, MS was complaining of a spongey brake pedal in the early laps.

In fact, I would kill two birds with one stone- I would bring in Nick Heidfeld to replace Schuey while he sits out. NH has always been very good at developing a car, and the Merc is in dire need of developing. Plus it would be interesting to see Nick's pace relative to Nico. That would give a great indication whether or not the Old Man is well and truly past it.
I've voted for the obvious contender, Michael Schumacher.

Not only did he make a particularly dangerous move on Rubens Barichello, but he had the audacity to blame it on Rubens. From the replay, you could see Schumacher looking in his right-hand mirror. He must have known Rubens was coming alongside on his right, yet he still continued to move that way when Rubens was alongside, almost forcing Rubens into the wall and definitely forcing Rubens into the pit-lane exit. Very dangerous. Alex Wurz summed it up perfectly in his interview on the F1 forum...

... And it's even worse when you consider that this is not the first time Schumacher has tried to stop someone from over taking him in this way. Can't even blame it on a rookie-seventime-WDC type manoeuvre.
I was all ready with the repeat attack on the "Vettel" button until Mr Schumacher decided to take things just too far.
The biggest chumpery on show came from the Mercedes pits and their friends at Renault in the Big Pit Chaos at SC1, but they don't get on the poll.

Vettel, going for a stunning three-in-a-row (tby vote) could have won it for finishing 3rd in a two-horse race but this time didn't deserve it. The performance of Jenson Button also made him a contender, unless Hamilton is really that good!

However, trying to turn your ex-team-mate into a stain on the wall for the second time this season (after Massa in Canada) was unforgivable. Since his return, Schumacher has looked like a caricature of himself except without the pace. His aggressive driving is cannot be tolerated; he just seems to be of the opinion that etiquette is something that happens to other drivers.

His 10 place penalty at his next race is as justified as this week's inevitable Chump award, and frankly if I was Ross Brawn then the 10 place penalty would just go away. As I assume Nick Heidfeld would not be required to serve it.
What gets me is how flippant Schuey was in the post race interview, saying it's Rubens fault as he went the wrong side.

It would be frightening to think what would have happened @ 180mph with Ruben's car....

If wheels had interlocked as Ruben's ran out of space, Ruben's front left would have hit's Schuey's front right @ speed (the pictures show Ruben's front left close to Schuey's side Pod, so assuming it would be Rubens hitting Schuey as opposed to the the other way round). This would have launched Ruben's into the air, as the air took hold of the floor ala Webber this year, depending on the deflection angle would decide where & how he would land, but it would be a tough landing.......

Or instead he could hit the wall as Ruben's ran out of space, which would have instantly meant Ruben's would hit the wall first with his rear right, pitching the car to the right! If the front right then also hit the wall, it would have bounced the rear of Ruden's car into Schuey's, taking both cars out. Depending on the impact and any pitch either car was forced into especially as it went sideways @ what 150/160mph, would have dictated whether one if not both went airborne. Then it's again where & how they land.......

Think the most frightening prospect is against staring with the 2nd scenario, but instead as Ruben's hits the pit wall his front right missing the pit wall this time sending his car to the right. Looking at the Video of the circuit just after the pit wall is a solid concrete wall which has an angle to feed the cars out of the pit lane, so could have been an accident ala Greg Moore.

The last scenario I think we would have been asking after Massa last year & Ruben's death this year is Hungary too dangerous? Cause you just know Ruben's hitting that wall @ the speed he's still be doing........
That was shameful. I know a guy who is a Chief Steward here in the States and he says it would be a one race suspension if he had a vote. And then Brawn said it was just tough racing. Oh Dear!

I attended a Rubens talk at Montreal this year and he was very nice, explanined his Ferrari days without hesitation, but seemed to resent Schu's last minute 2005 Monaco pass more than any of the team order fiasco's.
Another choice could have been Kobayashi for missing the lights and frantic waving of arms to stop in scrutineering during quali. As mentioned previously Mercedes as a team had a pretty awful weekend and the Renault lollipop man didn't help the teams causes and in the process continued the Force India run of bad luck who themelves as a team didn't do themselves justice running into more trouble with tyre isses in FP1.

That all said i'm going with the general concensous and voting Micheal Schumacher. Not just for the Barrichello incident but also taking a gamble with car set up for quali which backfired dramatically potentially denying a better results finish and possible incident free race.
Sorry folks,

I just couldn't bring myself to vote for the obvious, for one reason; to describe what Schumacher did to Barrichello, along with his breathtakingly arrogant and dismissive attitude afterwards, as being nothing more than a 'Chump', would be to completely understate the seriousness of it.

Chump to me suggests someone foolish, gullible, a tad naive even. Schumacher was cold, calculating and nasty without an ounce of respect for his fellow racers, as well as being remorseless. He should have been banned for at least one race, preferably more.

So, my choice for COTW was Vettel, for once again throwing away a near guaranteed win with a silly and basic error, then (once again) blaming it on someone or something else. He really should be leading the championship quite comfortably.
It has to be Vettel again. Well done to the lad for driving in a straight line this time but someone needs to hand him a rule book and show him what to do when a safety car is out.

Thats not why I have made him Chump though. His performance after the race reminded me of my young son when he's not getting his own way.

Arguing with anyone wearing a FIA shirt while your supposed to be out on the podium accepting your trophy is not good conduct, he needs to get his emotions in check, the hand gestures when he was serving his penalty were childish and possibly insulting if they were aimed at the stewards.

The really laughable point though was in the press conference afterwards. Firstly he claimed his radio was faulty and could not know when the SC was coming in and then he said he couldn't see the lights on the SC, maybe if he was closer to the safety car like he was supposed to be then maybe he could of seen the light.

He has to take responsibility for his own actions sooner or later or he is going to go down in history as the biggest whinger in F1.
I've gone for Vettel for throwing it away and then looking like it was everyone else's fault, even going so far as to suggest it was a stupid punishment and he should be above the rules.. It looked like he was deliberately backing the pack up to me when there was no need due to the speed of the Red Bull.

Yeah, Schumacher was dangerous and probably deserves it, but it is nothing new coming from him and they both came out of it unscathed (physically)..

So Vettel it is..
As there are only drivers in this poll, have to vote for Schumacher. Otherwise, pit crews would have taken it.
There are only two candidates for this - the 'new Schumi' and Michael. Jenson had such an anonymous race I don't think he can be taken into consideration.

I think we can all understand Vettel's frustration and that he feels aggrieved to have lost a certain victory. However, it wasn't even the 'mistake' under the Safety Car, he misjudged the situation badly. But he really needs to stop acting like a spoilt brat and start acting like a champion if he wants to become one. His hand gestures serving the penalty were unnecessary while his post race antics were just petulant. I noticed a waterpark beside the track just before the start of the race - I wonder if Red Bull took young Seb there to cheer him up...

Schumacher's race craft and recklessness, however, were just ridiculous. The move on Rubens' was dangerous, overly-aggressive, even despicable, I don't think you could run out of superlatives to explain that move! I never liked Schumacher but I always respected his pace, his ability to develop a car and his aggression but this is a new low for Herr Schumacher. What respect I had for him is rapidly falling.
Boyle99 said:
I noticed a waterpark beside the track just before the start of the race - I wonder if Red Bull took young Seb there to cheer him up...
I shouldn't but... :snigger:
I had to vote for Vettel!!! His behavior was massively stupid.

The favorite Chump was not a chump, he was a vicious self-centered ass who was willing to cause the death of another driver for one damned point.

Vettel can be educated; you can't change Schumaker's basic persona.
Nomad said:
I had to vote for Vettel!!! His behavior was massively stupid.

The favorite Chump was not a chump, he was a vicious self-centered ass who was willing to cause the death of another driver for one damned point.

Vettel can be educated; you can't change Schumaker's basic persona.


..except maybe the 'Vettel can be educated' bit...
A quite amazing development here in this thread. Schumacher is losing votes because his actions are worthy of far more than chump status.

However, I have voted for Schumacher because, unlike Chad, I don't see the word 'chump' as implying foolishness, gullibility and naiveté, rather as a euphemism for the worst driver, in the opinion of the voter, based upon his actions over the weekend.
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