Poll 2010 European Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2010 European GP Driver of the Weekend

  • 1. Vettel Red Bull-Renault

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  • 2. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes

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  • 6. Sutil Force India-Mercedes

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  • 7. Kobayashi Sauber-Ferrari

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  • 9. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari

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  • 10. Rosberg Mercedes

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  • 11. Massa Ferrari

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  • 12. De la Rosa Sauber-Ferrari

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  • 13. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari

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  • 14. Petrov Renault

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  • 15. Schumacher Mercedes

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  • 16. Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes

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  • 17. Di Grassi Virgin-Cosworth

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  • 19. Glock Virgin-Cosworth

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  • 20. Senna HRT-Cosworth

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  • 21. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth

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  • 22. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth

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  • 23. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth

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  • 24. Webber Red Bull-Renault

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Its Monday morning and now that the dust has settled after another weekend of GP action its time of course, to turn our thoughts to who was our Champ and who was our Chump of the weekend. For the Champ thread there are one or two notable candidates all though I have a feeling that there is one who stands clear of the rest it will be interesting to see how the voting goes.

Firstly, Seb Vettel finally managed to convert a poll to a win and pretty much all weekend and through out the race he didn't put a foot wrong. Pretty much as straight forward a win as you would want to see and this drive could mark his return to the fray as a championship contender.

The next driver that will surely be up for consideration must be Rubens Barrichello. It would seem that the Williams team have finally managed to improve their car and didn't it just show this weekend. Full credit to both their drivers for making the most of the opportunity but what odds would you have got on a fourth place for Rubens at the start of the weekend? A great drive and perhaps the start of a serious turn around for the team especially going into Silverstone which has always been a great track for Rubens.

And last but by no means least, Kobayashi. Surely the favourite for the driver of the weekend title? If only for his overtakes of Alonso in the last few laps of the race and then Buemi on the last corner of the last lap. His (it would seem) genuine pace in the middle of the race on the prime tyre that allowed him to stay ahead of Button was pretty amazing. That car really had no right to be where it was for so many laps and the fact that it was is down to a fantastic drive.

Of course there may have been other incidents that caught your eye so who is your driver of the weekend?
I'm going with your suggestion cat and voting for Kamui.

Not only did he finish in 7th, he also drove over 50 laps on 1 set of tyres to do it, fending off* Jenson Button for most of the race.

2 well timed overtakes on the last 2 laps made all the difference in his finishing position and he was only actually 5 seconds behind 4th place.

* In this instance the phrase "fending off" has a slightly different meaning as Jenson Button has now confirmed that he is more than content to sit behind a driver waiting for them to pit rather than trying to pass
I've gone for Rubens,

It was a tough call between him and Koby for me, and undoubtably he drove an excellent race that has probably secured himself a better drive next season. Holding off Button for that long on older tyres was exceptional, and his overtakes of Alonso and Buemi even on fresh rubber were exceptional and probably one of his best moments in his F1 career.

Saying this, on the performance over the weekend, and finishing 4th overall I'm giving it to Rubens. It was just really nice seeing a Williams back near the top. The team have done exceptionally well this weekend.
Who else but Kamui? He kept the current WDC behind him for umpteen laps (although as has been pointed out JB was waiting for him to pit - which begs the question, why?) and then passed Alonso and Buemi in true Banzia fashion (sorry to stereotype). Highlight of the weekend, let's hope he gets a better drive next season.
I did consider Barrichello but he appeared to have the pace anyway, with both Williams qualifying in the top 10.

Kobayashi's drive was excellent, and yes his two overtakes were done with fresh tyres, but he set pace very close to LH during the race when Hamilton was pushing hard, so Kobayashi's race pace was exceptional.

Kobayashi for me.
I've been waiting all season for Koby to show his talents and he finally gave us a taste of what he can do. F1 just isn't the same without a Japanese driver :)
Brogan said:
OK, hands up who voted Button rofl

Wasn't me; I voted for Kobayashi. :)
Now if there had been a "Keyser Soze Award" for paranoia by an F1 driver at Valencia, I would've voted for Alonso............. LOL LOL
Koby it is. Great drive that lived up to his promise of last year. Let's hope there is more to come!
Brogan said:
OK, hands up who voted Button rofl

Wasn't me, as this was the first race in donkey's years* that I didn't watch, so I haven't voted for anyone. Just thought I'd make that clear... :)

*How long are donkey years? Are they like dog years, d'you think? I presume donkey years are longer? Or is that something else...
It was me. He moved up more places than anyone else in the top 3 and managed to stay in second for the WDC, so why not? It seemed the only logical choice at a track that you couldn't overtake on unless you had totally fresh rubber or a massive speed difference (unless your name is Webber, then you just decide its time to get your pilots license).
Fair enough he started 7th and finished 3rd but that was only due to the safety car really.
It was more a case of right place, right time.

He did overtake Mark Webber on the first lap but then so did about 6 other drivers.

I though Jenson had a fairly anonymous race just sitting behind Kamui for 40 odd laps.
Certainly nothing worthy of driver of the weekend.

Still, each to their own.
Any other track (apart from maybe Monaco) and Kobis strategy wouldn't have worked, but the nature of Valencia made the outcome succeed for him..
There was no excuse for not overtaking Kamui on track, what Jenson thought was: "he is going to pit sooner or later and I will pick up 3rd place". Kamui eventually did pit and proceeded to overtake Alonso and Buemi, proving that Jenson had spent at least a third of the race fart-@rsing-about!
Yes, Kobi overtook Loony and Buemi when he was on fresh SOFT compound tyres, while those two were on OLD hard tyres.

Not too hard to work out methinks..
Q. And fastest lap right at the end – was that a sign of frustration or just exuberance?

JB: "Definitely the latter. Like I said, it wasn't too damaging being stuck behind Kobayashi because I knew I'd still pick up a podium finish, but once I got in the clear air, it was just so much fun to put the car through its paces. I was just enjoying myself for the last few laps, to be honest. And fastest lap was just a nice bonus."
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