2010 British Grand Prix Preview

Incubus said:
Can I nominate Keke the Great for the motor racing nobel peace prize?

I don't know about that.

I prefer to think that I'm waging war against Bernie and his FOM minions. :D

No more requests out there? I would try and post the full race from 2008, but it would just be a waste of time as it would be taken down almost immediately.
Galahad said:
KekeTheKing said:
No more requests out there?

Well if you insist...is there much footage of '69 floating about? A long time ago I know...

I currently have Germany and Mexico from 1969, but not Great Britain. I can have a quick look to see if it is available though.
No worries, you've done plenty already! The 1950 video is absolutely priceless. Never seen anything like it.
I just had a look on YouTube, and somebody has uploaded their home video from Silverstone 69. It's excellent quality, and there are some good shots of the cars coming around Woodcote corner.

Great stuff! Thanks Keke. Loved seeing Rindt drifting the Lotus through Woodcote. And the weird and wonderful aero bits and pieces.
Fantastice! Excellent footage! :cheer:

Graham Hill's side-burns. I'm modelling mine on those.. :D (Although Jackie Stewart's were amazing! LOL )

Thanks, Keke. :thumbsup:
It looks like Stewart was tucked up behind Rindt for a good many laps there. If that happened today, all we would hear about is how it's impossible to overtake, that the regulations need to be looked at, and that the show needs to be improved.

Do we know if Lap Charts exist from these days? Can't imagine there was too much overtaking near the front, as Stewart was the only one to finish the entire race distance.
Hehe. A great battle though, they left the rest miles behind.

I think there were a few times when Jackie got past going down to Stowe, but Jochen had got back past by Woodcote so it didn't show on the lap chart. Rindt eventually had to pit with a loose rear wing, and subsequently for fuel, hence Stewart's winning margin was much greater than it should have been.

I have got a load of old lap charts, including that one, but they don't indicate pitstops and hence aren't a lot of use for overtaking stats :(
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