Poll 2010 British Grand Prix Chump of the Weekend

2010 British GP Chump of the Weekend

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  • Sebastian Vettel

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The drivers' least favourite award in motor racing. That's right it's the Clip The Apex Chump of the Weekend award.

Who made life difficult for themselves this weekend and should have stayed at home?
Apart from Bruno Senna that is.

Remember, it's performance across all sessions during the whole 3 days, not just the race.
Bro, do you really need more than one option on the poll?

Can't be anything but Vettel. Given every possible aid this weekend to win and he still makes a complete a*** of it. Far too aggressive at the first corner and paid the price for the rest of the race, although he did well to make up the ground he did.
For me, it has to be Alonso. He is showing a propensity for making small, silly errors and then letting his temperament magnify the results of the mistake.

Vettel is a very close runner-up here. He has thrown away a boatload of points so far this year thru stupidity and uncontrolled agression. Why he remains the team favourite is beyond me, nationality notwithstanding.
For a ridiculously overaggressive start that ended with him last by lap 1 in a car which should have won the race. For only making the modest gains he did because of a Safety Car. For making such a meal of passing Adrian Sutil. And especially for answering the faith his team have shown in him with another performance of utmost stupidity from a position of great promise. Sebastian Vettel.
Teabag hit the nail on the head there. Not many chumps this weekend with only Alonso and Vettel to pick from but Seb takes it for throwing another race away despite having a better car than his team mate.
Has to be Vettel. Wouldve been Alonso if he had whinged like he did in valencia. Since hes kept quite, Vettel gets it quite easily.
One more thing about Vettel.

I have been watching F1 for over 40 years, and the two drivers that I feel started out most like Vettel were Jochen Rindt and Gilles V. Both had HUGE talent, but were impulsive and wild in their driving. Rindt outgrew that and became WDC. Gilles never overcame that aspect and never became champion, although he DID become near-legendary.

I wonder which example Vettel will follow?
I'm actually going to stick up for Vettel <flame suit on>

He didn't make a great start but he was still 2nd going into the first corner.
There was the tiniest of touches from the front left of Lewis' front wing on his right rear which caused the puncture.
That put him right to the back so he pitted for hard tyres.

Granted without the SC he has probably going to be lapped by the front runners but he kept his head down and got on with the job, even if that did involve some robust moves.

Alonso on the other hand only has himself to blame.
You can argue whether the penalty was right or wrong but all he had to do was give the place back.
He would have been past Robert easily enough within the next lap or so.

The stewards deemed he had gained an advantage and he was subsequently given a penalty which was magnified by the SC coming out.
He then allowed emotion to get the better of him (again) by telling his team that he wanted radio silence for the rest of the race.

The drivers know the rules when it comes to cutting chicanes and gaining places so his result was self inflicted.

So on balance I've gone for Alonso.

<goes off for a lie down...>
The thing that took the biscuit for me with Vettel was his 'overtake' on Sutil. How the heck did he get away with that? There was no overtake on and he just whacked Adrian out of the way but luckily for him there was no damage. It's the sort of thing you may do on a computer game with damage on low. That's not race craft, that's stupidity. How he wasn't punished for that one is beyond me...
Can I nominate Christian Horner for doing his best to cause his team to implode? He's now got the two sides of the garage openly taunting each other. Webber's mechanics were waving a front wing at Vettel's team after the race, apparently. And not in a friendly way.

As far as drivers are concerned, it was a close run thing between Seb and Fernando.

Vettel had easily the best car (aided by his teammate's wing) yet still blew it. He started by making a big mistake in Practice, ruining a set of tyres.
He messed up his start, then blamed it later on the clutch; refused to concede that Webber had won the first corner, thus having to go wide over the rumble strips himself and precipitating his own demise (it's quite possible that this caused the puncture rather than any contact with Hamilton; but even if it was the latter it was self-inflicted, as he was rejoining the track after his excursion and should have made more effort to avoid a collision whilst so doing; then later in the race he drove into Sutil after not being able to get past him fairly for several laps.

As for Alonso, he made if anything a worse start than Vettel (also blaming it later on clutch problems). Then what did he do? He took his teammate out.
Then, after clearly cutting the corner at Vale / Club while passing Kubica, why didn't he just RESPECT THE RULES and give Kubica the place back straight away, like Hamilton would have done? I saw the incident from Stowe corner (aided by the big screen replay) and thought at the time, "He'll have to give that place back". But he didn't, the chump.
As Vettel, he later had difficulty passing a Force India, this time that of Liuzzi, and went off trying, giving himself a puncture and no chance of any points.

So on balance, I voted originally for Sebastien but have just talked myself out of it, since he did at least make a good recovery drive and score some points. So I'm changing my vote to:

Fernando Alonso!
Alonso for me, another race where he's shot himself in the foot. From a bad start, he then gets involved with his teammate, and makes an impatient move on Kubica. Someone's feeling the tifosi pressure at Maranello.
Alguersuari and Petrov both had very underwhelming weekends, but for all the reasons given previously, Vettel gets my vote.
Massa. Destroyed his own race by barging into Alonso, and could've destroyed his team-mate's.

If that wasn't enough, he then tried to stick Alonso on the grass on the hangar straight, again, he could've put Alonso in serious danger of spinning and getting caught up in a huge accident.

Then to top it all off, he spun on the exit of Luffield. It was like 2008 all over again! ROFL
Fernando should have out qualified Lewis, he plummeted at the start, he collided with his teammate, he cut the corner to overtake Robert and proceeded to labour under the illusion that it was a fair move because Robert had left him nowhere else to go. If he wasn't a two time WDC you'd have to conclude he was stupid! :bored:
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