2010 Australian Grand Prix Preview


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I won a trip to Aus and the first Melbourne GP in 96 with Williams. They made me smoke Rothmans cigarettes for a whole week! It wasn't quite four seasons in one day, it was spread over the weekend! It was damned hot when we arrived and damned cold on race day!
I spent the entire race coughing and shivering in a blue bridge above the start finish line...

Moral of this tale: Don't forget your pullover on race day, even if the sun is shinning, and don't smoke just because some lunatic sponsor tells you too! :embarrassed:


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FungusB, Its all good, you'll just have to take a brolly. Or possibly a kangaroo hide hat, with the customary hanging corks on the brim :D

Nice stats Gala, cheers mate


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Fungus don't need no stinkin' hat, his head is made of wool :p



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genji said:
I was thinking a conservative FP2, Qualifying and the race, but I might consider FP3.

I go all upcited about watching free practice for Australia, but then I remembered it's Oz and this is a week night! I've just looked at the schedule on the BBC F1 site... :blink:

FP1 starts at 0125 & finishes at 0305am!

Um, then FP2 starts at 0525 & finishes at 0705am! :yawn:

I'm sure I'll be good for what I've gotta do tomorrow. I'm bound to be bright eyed & bushy tailed........ :sleeping:

Will I let anything get in the way of me watching free practice tonighttomorrow morning? No!
I'm going to stay up alllll night, one way or the other! :coffee: You wait and see! :crazy:


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I've decided I'm going to bed at 9pm wake for FP1, sleep :sleeping: again before FP2 and catch some more ZZZZs before breakfast at 9am!

I have to do this as otherwise my much vaunted passive/aggressive demeanor, turns to aggressive/aggressive.


I thought about recording FP1, but I think it goes up on iPlayer doesn't it? I might watch it after work tomorrow evening if anything interesting is reported. FP2 fits in nicely with my morning routine.

The question is, will anyone be capable of lucid typing on Chat at these times?


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If he brings a sportscar-style common sense approach to the over-regulated world of F1 it'll be a blessing.
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