2010 Abu Dhabi GP Practice, Qualifying and Race Discussion


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So once again it comes down to the final race of the season.

Realistically it's between two drivers; Alonso and Webber.
The permutations have already been discussed but suffice to say, Mark needs to finish 1st and have his team-mate come home in 2nd to secure the title.
If Alonso can get himself into 2nd then it's his, although there may be some grumbling due to the 7 points he was gifted at the German GP.

If this race goes to form then it should be Red Bull pulling away at the start with Alonso behind them and Hamilton leading the rest.
However, a first corner incident could see one or more of the main contenders going out and then all bets are off.

McLaren will be hoping to at least finish second in the WCC and with a 32 point gap to make up, Ferrari must almost be resigned to third place now.

Further down the grid there are just 4 points between Rosberg and Kubica, Barrichello and Sutil are tied on 47 and Williams currently lead Force India by 1 point.

Whatever happens, it's going to be an interesting season decider.
Early predicition.

Webber wins title, vettel has to let him past. And Helmut Marko (the real villian of the piece between them) will lamp christian Horner infront of the TV cameras.

Alonso will finish third

and OMG the track has just been declared wet has i write this, Thought it was supposed to be like a dessert in that part of the world?
Another prediction, Seb lets Mark through due to Alonso being in 3rd. A lap later, Alonsos Engine goes pop, Seb then catches Mark and they take each other out, Hamilton comes through to win..
Seb leaves it till the last corner of the last lap to let Mark through (to avoid any possibility of the above scenario). But Mark gets carried away with the emotion of the moment, makes a hash of the corner and spins. Seb stalls in his attempt to slow enough to let Mark through, as the embarrassed Aussie recovers to pass his stricken teammate and take the win. Vettel gets out of his car and desparately tries to push it across the line, but Alonso catches and passes him with yards to spare, to finish in second place and take the title.
Dieter Mateschitz and Helmut Marko are spotted in the Red Bull garage grinning wickedly at each other.
HAHA chad thats completely plausible.

Rain forcast this weekend, it rains 4 days a year 1 happened before FP1 and apprently the some or all of the 3 are coming this weekend.

and i could of swarn i heard theres soap on track!? thats a new 1 on me.
Andrea_Moda_Rules said:
HAHA chad thats completely plausible.

Rain forcast this weekend, it rains 4 days a year 1 happened before FP1 and apprently the some or all of the 3 are coming this weekend.

and i could of swarn i heard theres soap on track!? thats a new 1 on me.

Apparently they had a truck scrubbing the track Wednesday and it used some kind of dettergent to give it a nice sparkle.

& McLaren weather Boffins believe it could rain Sunday....
Interesting watching the 3rd practice session this morning. The top teams RBR, McLaren & Ferrari are not going out cause there is no rubber on the track (must have rained over night) and are waiting for other teams to lay the rubber to give them a 'more realistic track'.

Also more more rumours that we may have rain on the race day.
Sitting watching the "excitement" of FP3 and having to put up with Crofty sucking up to the bloke who organises the race (It's fantastic, you've put on a brilliant race, etc, etc :sick: ) I just realised what this uber dull circuit reminds me of:


Ladies and gentlemen we have the modern day Las Vegas Grand Prix :yawn:
Another pole from Vettel with Hamilton just 3 hundredths behind.

This is now Alonso's WDC to lose, all he has to do is finish ahead of Webber who is down in 5th.

We will have to wait and see if there is a penalty handed out for the incident between Hamilton and Massa during Q2.
I think this could become a bit much for webber - I can see him repeating his antics from the Australian GP and crashing into people when trying to overtake.
So.. Hamilton MUST overtake Vettel to have ANY chance of winning.

Webber MUST overtake Button and Alonso to have any chance of winning, plus he must also (realistically) need Vettel to get out of his way, but in front of Alonso.

I can see Webber doing some crazy/stupid move tomorrow on Alonso which knocks them both out of the points then it's Vettel versus Hamilton to the chequered flag! How amazing would that be? :o
Anyone know the difference between the sides of the grid is? If it is big enough, ferrari may not want action agianst lewis, so alonso is on the better side.
I wouldn't be surprised if Alonso beats Hamilton to the first corner as off the racing line is quite slippery apparently.
What i mean is if Hamilton gets a penalty, then alonso is on the dirty side, with button behind with nothing to lose. Ferrari could benefit, if no action is taken on the hamilton-Massa incident.
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