1993-95 Driver Marathon


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In the last three years there have been 37 drivers who started races in Formula One. At the end of 1995 that figure stood at an utterly ludicrous 64. So here is a marathon quiz on the 64 F1 drivers from 1993-95 in reverse order...

1. Jan Magnussen scored his first and only F1 point in Montreal in 1998 in his final race. For which constructor was he competing?


2. Name one of the two drivers to start a race as Gabriele Tarquini's team-mate in his time at Fondmetal?

Eric van de Poele or Andrea Chiesa

3. In Roland Ratzenburger's only F1 start at the 1994 Pacific Grand Prix, how many laps out of 83 did he complete to finish 11th?

78, putting him on a lap with only the two Ligiers

4. Which constructor had provided Emanuele Nespetti with 5 starts in 1992?


5. Marco Apicella drove for Jordan in the #15 car in 1993 at Monza. He was replaced by Nespetti and then Eddie Irvine, but who had driven the #15 at Spa in the previous race?

Thierry Boutsen

6. How many points did Ivan Capelli score for Ferrari in 1992?


7. Who was Franck Lagorce's only F1 team-mate?

Olivier Panis

8. Yannick Dalmas made his F1 début in Mexico in 1987 in the same race which American celebrated his century?

Eddie Cheever

9. Phillipe Adams scored a 16th place for Lotus in 1994 at Estoril. Who was the next Lotus driver to improve on that?

Well, one point if you said either Mika Salo or Alessandro Zanardi who both did better than that two races later in Suzuka

10. Paul Belmondo did not finish the 1994 Monaco Grand Prix for what reason?


11. Apart from Sauber, name the other non-Italian constructor Nicola Larini drove for in F1.


12. Only one driver was outqualified by Toshio Suzuki's Larrouse-Lamborghini in his two races in 1993. Which Minardi had the misfortune to hit last?

Jean-Marc Gounon

13. In what position did Jean-Denis Deletraz complete the 1995 European GP, thus completing his only F1 finish?

15th. And last.

14. Hideki Noda was one of how many drivers who Larrousse started in a race between 1993 and 1995?


15. Giovanni Lavaggi started all his F1 races with Ford Cosworth engines. Which driver has the most wins with Ford Cosworth engines?

Jackie Stewart.
Is the answer to a question ostensibly about Giovanni Lavaggi...

16. Nigel Mansell's first podium was in an "Essex" Lotus in the 1981 Belgian GP at Zolder. Which driver started 19th in that race, and also competed when Mansell scored his last podium in 1994?

Michele Alboreto

17. Max Papis scored no points in 7 races for Footwork, but which nationality links two of the three drivers who started more races for Footwork and scored nothing?

Japan ("Super" Aguri Suzuki and twitter legend Taki Inoue join Ricardo Rosset)

18. What did Dominico Schiatarella do at Simtek that no-one else did?

Raced in 2 separate seasons for the marque

19. Fabrizio Barbazza scored 2 points for Minardi before being replaced by whom?

Pierluigi Martini

20. Jean-Marc Gounon was the best placed Frenchman at Magny-Cours in 1994. For half a point each name the two nations who got two points scorers that day?

Germany (Schumi and HHF), Italy (Martini and de Cesaris)

21. Olivier Beretta was the second Monacagasque F1 starter. Louis Chiron, Monaco winner in 1931 was the other, but in which year did he score Championship points at home?

1950. To this day, Monaco waits for another home-grown point scorer

22. How often did Thierry Boutsen start on the front row in F1?

Once, for his pole at the Hungaroring in 1990

23. Jean-Christophe Boullion scored his three points in 1995 at Hockenheim and Monza. Which driver scored his only 10 points at the same two circuits in the 1999 season?

Mika Salo

24. Michael Andretti scored his only podium in his final race at Monza in 1993. How many times did his father, Mario Andretti, appear on the podium there?

Twice, in 1977 (1st) and 1982 (3rd)

25. Eric Bernard's only career podium was at the 1994 German Grand Prix, where Ligier finished 2nd and 3rd in a race of attrition. Ligier finished 6th in the Constructors' Championship, but where would they have finished ignoring the Hockenheim event?

The Championship finished: 6 - Ligier - 13, 7 - Tyrrell - 13, 8 - Sauber - 12, 9 - Footwork - 9, 10 - Minardi - 5.
If you discount this race it is: 6 - Tyrrell - 13, 7 - Sauber - 12, 8 - Minardi - 5, 9 - Footwork - 4, 10 - Ligier - 3.

26. Jos Verstappen cost Juan-Pablo Montoya his début win at the 2001 Brazilian Grand Prix. Who took that victory instead?

David Coulthard

27. Pedro Lamy scored his only point for Minardi/Scuderia Italia at the 1995 Australian Grand Prix, in a race where the runner-up Olivier Panis finished how many laps behind Damon Hill?

2 - Pedro was a further lap down!

28. Bertrand Gachot finished 14th at the 1992 German Grand Prix for Venturi/Larrousse and 12th for Pacific at the 1995 British Grand Prix. How many races had the European driver started but not finished in between?

18! Half point 16, 17, 19, 20

29. Andrea Montermini attempted but failed to qualify for how many races when driving for Forti in 1996?


30. David Brabham raced for his father's eponymous team in 1990 and for Simtek in 1994. With which team would he have scored a point under the 2010 system?

Simtek, for 10th at Barcelona

31. Phillipe Alliot made his début at the 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix, on the same day as Ayrton Senna. But who took their 10th win that day?

Alain Prost

32. Riccardo Patrese took car #6 at Williams at the 1988 Brazilian Grand Prix. How many seasons did he keep that car number for?

6 - 5 at Williams to 1992 then another one at Benetton in 1993

33. Derek Warwick made his début in 1981 at Las Vegas on the same day as Alan Jones scored his last win and podium. Who stood on that podium for the first - and last - F1 podium of their career?

Bruno Giacomelli

34. Alain Prost became the first driver to 50 wins at the British Grand Prix in 1993. At which circuit did his runner-up that day, Michael Schumacher, become the second driver over 50 wins?

Magny-Cours (in 2001)

35. Roberto Moreno's sole podium was at Suzuka in 1990. Name the other two Brazilians to step onto an F1 podium once for half a point each.

Mauricio Gugelmin at Jacarepagua in 1989 and Nelsinho Piquet at Hockenheim in 2008.

36. Pedro Diniz would score points with three of his rare finishes in 1999. How many finishes did he make?

Only the 4.

37. Taki Inoue finished 8th at Monza in 1995, for his best F1 finish. Who was the team-mate who finished better than him in 7th?

Max Papis

38. What was Mika Salo's best finish not driving a Ferrari?

4th at Monaco in 1998.

39. Ayrton Senna scored 80 podiums. How many for Toleman?


[bg=#FFDD77]40. The 2012 Paralympic Hand Cycling T4 was held in September 2012 and won by Italian legend Alessandro Zanardi. At his home Grand Prix of the same month, how many past and present Ferrari drivers finished in the top 10?

4 - 3. Alonso, 4. Massa, 5. Raikkonen, 6. Schumacher

41. Aguri Suzuki was team boss of Super Aguri. Apart from Takuma Sato, name for half a point each their two other Japanese drivers?

Sakon Yamamoto and Yuji Ide

42. Jyrki Jarvilehto scored his only podium in Imola in 1991 for which constructor?

Dallara were the constructor, but a point also for saying Scuderia Italia (the team)

43. David Coulthard was on the Championship podium on 5 occasions. On how many of those 5 did he beat his team-mate in the table?

2 - 1997 and 2001 he beat Hakkinen.

44. Karl Wendlinger did return after his massive accident at Monaco for 1995, but what was his best finish that year?

10th at Suzuka

45. Michele Alboreto died the last Italian to step onto the podium at Monza. Who was the next Italian to get up there, dedicating his finish to Alboreto's memory?

Giancarlo Fisichella, in 2005

46. Gianni Morbidelli picked up half a point in his ludicrously short Ferrari career of 14 laps at Adelaide in 1991. How many laps is the least anyone has raced for Ferrari in order and picked up at least a full point?

(a) 47 (b) 69 (c) 93 (d) 130 (e) 167

(a) 47 - Dorino Serafini who shared 2nd place at Monza in 1950 picked up 3 points for the 47 of those laps he was driver for.

47. Andrea de Cesaris twice got podiums despite running out of fuel. Which other driver shared a podium with de Cesaris when neither finished the race?

Didier Pironi at Monaco in 1982

48. Luca Badoer finished the 2009 Belgian GP at Spa in 14th place. In what year was his previous finish at Spa?


49. Was Christian Fittipaldi's best finish...

(a) 2 better than Bruno Senna's
(b) 1 better than Bruno Senna's
(c) equal to Bruno Senna's
(d) 1 worse than Bruno Senna's
(e) 2 worse than Bruno Senna's


a - Fittipaldi's best finish was 4th, Senna's 6th.

50. What links Eddie Irvine's two podiums at Jaguar?

The podium was shared with his two ex-team-mates Schumacher and Barrichello in Ferraris

51. Lamborghini scored 20 points in F1 as an engine manufacturer. How many of these were courtesy of Erik Comas?


52. Heinz-Harald Frentzen scored his first win at Imola in 1997. Who joined he and the Ferraris on the lead lap?

Giancarlo Fisichella

53. Pierluigi Martini was on the front row with Gerhard Berger at Phoenix in 1990 but who lead the first half of the race?

Jean Alesi

54. Olivier Panis spent 2000 testing for McLaren. On his first race back in 2001 in Australia, where did he cross the line before a penalty dropped him back to 7th?


55. Mika Hakkinen won the 1999 title with only 5 victories. Name the three years since that the Champion has only won 5 races in the 2000s.

2008 (L Hamilton), 2010 (S Vettel) and 2012 (S Vettel)

56. Martin Brundle's only race of 1988 was at Spa in the Williams vacated by Nigel Mansell. Who scored his only podium behind the ubiquitous McLarens?

Ivan Capelli

57. Mark Blundell failed to pre-qualify for the 1991 Japanese Grand Prix for Brabham. Who is the only other driver to fail to pre-qualify a Brabham?

Martin Brundle - in France and Canada in 1989

58. Jean Alesi finished 4th on his début at home in 1989. Name the two drivers who split him from his countryman Alain Prost in 1st for half a point each.

Nigel Mansell and Riccardo Patrese

59. The race in which Michael Schumacher retired in 2012 at Interlagos finished with the same three drivers on the podium as the race he'd originally retired at the same circuit in 2006. Who was the highest finishing driver who had not competed in the 2006 race, in 2012?

Nico Hulkenburg, 5th

60. Ukyo Katayama was the last Tyrell driver to use the number 3 which had been assigned to them in 1974 as runners-up in the 1973 Constructors' Championship. Which driver started the Argentinian GP of 1974 as Tyrell's first permanent number 3?

Jody Scheckter

61. Rubens Barrichello's only non-start in the 1993-95 period was at Imola in 1994 after his horrific but non-fatal accident in practice. Where did the other Jordan, of Andrea de Cesaris, finish?

Half point - 18th-24th

62. Damon Hill scored one of only two podiums at the Hungaroring in 1997 for which engine manufacturer?

Yamaha. (The other was Mark Blundell's podium for Tyrrell in 1994)

63. Johnny Herbert's best Championship finish was 4th in 1995. Which was the only circuit at which Schumacher and Herbert completed a one-two?

Circuit de Catalunya

64. And finally, name the two years (for half a point each) that Gerhard Berger finished 3rd in the Championship.

1988 and 1994.
Amazing job! That'a a huge amount of effort to put into remembering drivers which virtually none of us can either remember or have even heard of!:thumbsup:LOL
Did Andretti appear on the podium in 1978? I thought he got a timepenalty and finished 6th.
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