1982 Brazilian Grand Prix


Round 2 - Brazil

Gilles Villeneuve led the field away and appeared to have the race under control as nobody had the measure of his V6 Turbo Ferrari down the straights of Jacarepagua. Behind him there was quite a bit of squabbling going on though, highlighted by Nelson Piquet and Keke Rosberg's race long battle in their Cosworth fitted cars.

Riccardo Patrese was forced to retire due to fatigue, and it's fair to say the heat took its toll on most of the drivers, as quite a few of them ended their race off the circuit. Piquet won the race after forcing Villeneuve into a mistake, and he famously collapsed on the podium after the grueling Grand Prix, making his future disqualification all the more painful.

It was an action packed first 30 laps or so, with Jacarepagua's extended straights providing for plenty of overtaking opportunities, especially for the slippery Brabham.

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