Pre-Season Your 2019 Predictions for the year ahead.

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  1. Lewis to be world champion again. YARP
  2. Max will finish 2nd in the championship. NARP
  3. Charles LeClerk will finish ahead of Vettel in the championship by the end of the year. YARP
  4. The UK will crash out of the EU with no deal. HOLD
  5. Scotland will announce a second independence referendum. HOLD
  6. Robert Kubica will surprise everyone by still being brilliant. EPIC NARP
  7. Pierre Gasly will finish the year with less than half the points of Verstappen YARP
  8. Renault will close the gap on Red Bull taking their constructors battle to the wire. EPIC NARP
  9. Monaco will be shit. AMAZING NARP
  10. The Kyvat Torpedo will be back YARP
  11. Overtaking will be up on last year thanks to the new front wing regulations. CANT BE ARSED CHECKING
  12. Redbull will fall out with Honda NARP
  13. Donald Trump will start a war. NARP
  14. Lance Stroll will be a good match for Perez. NARP
  15. Starburst will change its name back to Opal Fruits. I WANT A HALF POINT FOR SNICKERS GOING BACK TO MARATHON
  16. Ross Brawn will bring in more aero tweeks for 2020 to improve overtaking YARP
  17. Williams will finish last in the championship YARP
  18. Bottas will be shit and not have his contract extended NARP
  19. Kimi will enjoy being at Sauber and stay in F1 for 2020 YARP
  20. Dan will finish the championship ahead of Hulkenberg. YARP
Here are my predictions:

1. Lots of people will vie to win a Clip The Apex Award (see the gravel trap for more information ;) ) :1st: That happened, 1 point to me :)
2. Mercedes will say their car isn't dominant, but it will be. That happened, another point to me :)
3. Bottas will get more and more demoralised and be dropped by Mercedes, probably for Ocon. Bottas was demoralised but he's racing in 2020 with Mercedes, so a swing and a miss there.
4. Ferrari will strugle to cope with two really fast drivers and the friction that causes. Couldn't have been more right if I tried there :)
5. McLaren still won't be very fast. Brimming over with wrongability, another swing and a miss.
6. Theresa May won't last until Easter as Prime Minister. Well she didn't last as PM but she did hang on beyond Easter, so maybe half a point there.
7. I'll keep playing the lotto but still not win the jackpot :bawl: ( I really hope that one is wrong) Another correct one, wish it wasn't.
8. I will play the You Bet Game in 2019 and lose all my money, again :facepalm: Happy to say I was very wrong on this one :snigger:
9. Mick Schumacher will be signed to be in F1 before the season is over. Another wrong one I'm afraid :(
10. It will snow in the next few weeks and the UK will grind to a halt, as always. That one is always true.

I suppose that's five and a half out of ten, so more than 50%, I can live with that :yes:
1. Hamilton to win the world title because his teammate won't cause him to meltdown. Yes. A very meltdown free year for Mr H

2. Seb to finish runner up because his teammate will cause him to meltdown. Partially true. Yes to meltdowns but no to runner up.

3. Ferrari to win WCC because their number 2 is better than Mercedes number 2. Wrong

4. Max will go through engines like someone with the squits goes through toilet paper. Much to everyone's shock the Honda proved to be a decent engine at long last.

5. Danny R will laugh at Red Bull as he trundles around in 6th on average. Three 6th place finishes for Danny but the Renault was not the car to be in. It says something when it turns out the McLaren would have been a better move.

6. McLaren will still be hopeless but no one will vote any of their drivers as being awesome. More examples of my wrongness. Sainz and Norris made the best out of a half decent set of wheels.

7. It pains me to say this but Robert Kubica will struggle, will get through the season but will walk away again at the end of the year. And it still pains me to say this was spot on. At least Williams stuck with him for the full season and he did manage to bring home the teams only point.

8. Kimi will paddle around for Sauber, collecting a pay check and generally not giving a crap. Then he will suddenly have one of those races and finish a remarkable 4th. Yeah. Paddled around all season and then in Brazil....... 4th place. Cheers Kimi.

9. What's the point Racing will throw Perez under a bus by mid season. Wrong. Perez had another strong season.

10. The changes in car design will make no difference. Toto will say the racing is closer than ever when it clearly isn't. Todt will say nothing. Ross will tell everyone to wait until 2021. Todt who? I'm calling this as pretty close to true as the changes did seem to make almost no difference. Toto was very low key this year. Ross hasn't said too much either.

11. Liberty will continue to announce nothing of real significance while Sky and Autosport will continue to say its the best ever. OK, the 2021 rules have been announced but I don't see too many ground breaking new ways of running F1 coming out of the Liberty offices.

12. At least one UK team will blame Brexit for their issues. Don't think anyone mentioned it.

13. The outlook for the future will remain shit. No sign of this changing.
i'll take that 10.5 out 16.

Despite huge excitement & build up. Australia will be a let down
it was a poor race. but same every year 1st race always smashes all the hope for coming year

1000th race will be a huge anti climax
the Official 1000th race was very forgettable better off track than on it. the F1 1000th race at Monza, when indy 500 wasn't included was far better race

Leclerc to win multiple races
spot on, i knew he was good but not expecting that good 7 poles 2 wins but it could've been 8-10 but for bad luck & Ferrari cock ups.

Honda to finally be competitive & win their 1st powered grand prix since 2006 Hungarian GP
thank you, just call me mystic meg :thankyou: not just the 1, but 3 as many as ferrari with a far better car

Mclaren to continue being :censored: & produmou to leave
ah yes i got this 1 wrong, what a come back from slowest to 4th & 1st podium since 2013

We will only average over a million viewers for a race once this season the channel 4 British GP
yes, i believe from research best sky had in 21 races was 800,000 & Channel 4 got 2.8m from british gp

Only twice will a B championship driver stand on the podium
another brilliant prediction, Kyvat in Germany & sainz in brazil

Hamilton to win the final British GP
Hamilton won, but surprisingly we got a deal I was expecting a sabbatical

F2 will be more action packed than F1
i am shocked at this that for the 1st time in many years F1 was better. that spell Canada > Russia was great to watch

We will have a topsy turvy wet race this season
Get in, i knew we were overdue for this, in germany

Kubica will continue to surprise but tight battle with Russell
well Kubica did surprise & it was a tight battle only 1 point separated the drivers ;). alright even I cant argue this was right Russell destroyed his teammate, sending him into retirement

Bottas & Gasly to disappoint
yes i think this cant be argued they were for the majority disappointing

Verstappen to win world championship with Hamilton 2nd & leclerc 3rd
i got this massively wrong but if red bull had the same pace that Ferrari had the 2nd half of the season, I think was possible

Mercedes in a tough title battle, toto stopped Jackie stewart along the way. Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies JYS turned to him as if to say, "Hurry boy, titles waiting there for you"
in American before the race they were having a chat in Heineken hospitality, about how downbeat Hamilton was & Jackie stewart advice motivated Lewis to against the odds secure the title at austin

Ferrari sack so many manager that its like podium visits. everyone gets a turn
unfortunately not despite the teammates numerous attempt, to get him the sack

Zak Brown will say what a awesome weekend theyve had after qualified 15th
i thought this would be ironic but Sainz qualified 15th in austria & mclaren finished 6th/8th. which is a awesome weekend
F1Brits_90 Gasly was a B championship driver in a Toro Rosso and got a podium, which makes 3. Please deduct yourself one mark and wear a dunces cap ;)
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All mine were wrong. Once again, my mistake was taking part in the first place. As Homer Simpson once said, the first step towards failing is trying.
I got two right !
I predicted that Vettel would have a fight with Le clerk
And I also predicted that Lewis Hamilton’s taste in clothes would not improve.

The rest of my predictions were utter twallop.
How was I to know that the May woman was going to make such a pathetic cockup of Brexit that all travel between us and the EU would flow as usual.

However, I am confident that things will screw up in the coming year : all but two of the teams will be stuck in the UK due to the effects of Brexit and one of the teams will still manage to lose the championship due to self-inflicted injury.
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