Pre-Season Your 2019 Predictions for the year ahead.


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Its that time of year when we look into the crystal ball and try and predict the future events of 2019 in F1 and beyond.
My predictions are below I look forward to reading yours.

  1. Lewis to be world champion again.
  2. Max will finish 2nd in the championship
  3. Charles LeClerk will finish ahead of Vettel in the championship by the end of the year.
  4. The UK will crash out of the EU with no deal.
  5. Scotland will announce a second independence referendum
  6. Robert Kubica will surprise everyone by still being brilliant
  7. Pierre Gasly will finish the year with less than half the points of Verstappen
  8. Renault will close the gap on Red Bull taking their constructors battle to the wire.
  9. Monaco will be shit
  10. The Kyvat Torpedo will be back
  11. Overtaking will be up on last year thanks to the new front wing regulations.
  12. Redbull will fall out with Honda
  13. Donald Trump will start a war.
  14. Lance Stroll will be a good match for Perez.
  15. Starburst will change its name back to Opal Fruits.
  16. Ross Brawn will bring in more aero tweeks for 2020 to improve overtaking
  17. Williams will finish last in the championship
  18. Bottas will be shit and not have his contract extended
  19. Kimi will enjoy being at Sauber and stay in F1 for 2020
  20. Dan will finish the championship ahead of Hulkenberg.
Ok lets see yours :)
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Here are mine then Greenlantern101

1. Lots of people will vie to win a Clip The Apex Award (see the gravel trap for more information ;) ) :1st:
2. Mercedes will say their car isn't dominant, but it will be.
3. Bottas will get more and more demoralised and be dropped by Mercedes, probably for Ocon.
4. Ferrari will strugle to cope with two really fast drivers and the friction that causes.
5. McLaren still won't be very fast.
6. Theresa May won't last until Easter as Prime Minister.
7. I'll keep playing the lotto but still not win the jackpot :bawl: ( I really hope that one is wrong)
8. I will play the You Bet Game in 2019 and lose all my money, again :facepalm:
9. Mick Schumacher will be signed to be in F1 before the season is over.
10. It will snow in the next few weeks and the UK will grind to a halt, as always.
1. Smelly boots, Dan the man, will not win a single race.
2. Smelly boots, Dan the man, will astonish us all, by winning several races.
That’s covered.
3.Max Verstappen will challenge Hamilton for the championship.
4.Max will crash at almost every race.
5. Le Clerk will be sent to the ice cream garage by Ferrari, and give up on F1.
6. Vettel will also be sent to the ice cream garage, by Ferrari by mistake.
7. Vettel will have a fight with Hamilton.
8.Vettel will have a fight with Max Verstappen.
9.Vettel will have a fight with Le Clerk, probably in the ice cream garage.
10. Hamilton will continue to display appalling taste in clothes.
11. F1 will continue to ignore the fans, and disappear up its own chuff.
1) Hamilton will win the WDC again with all the BBC pundits pointing out that every one of his victories being in an inferior car.

2) As above but substitute "Mercedes" for Hamilton and "WCC" for "WDC".

3) Verstappen will hit another car, get out of his and then try to hit the other driver. He will be punished severely by having to do community service by signing autographs.

4) Vettel will cock it up again.

5) As 4 but substituting "Ferrari" for "Vettel".

6) Vettel will push Le Clerk off the circuit by turning right instead of going straight on. Webber will say "Told you so".

7) McLaren will score some points, not a lot, but some.

8) Both Honda and Renault engines will have more failures than Mercedes have had in the past five years.

9) Ross Brawn will announce new rules for 2020 to reduce the wash behind the cars to allow more overtaking possibilities, this will include larger rear wings.

10) CTA members will be dissatisfied with the state of the sport.
I thought No. 10 was a given every year @ Bill Boddy :lol:

Here's mine

1. Vettel WDC but very close with Hammy
2. Ferrari WCC as they have two world class drivers
3. Only Mercedes and Ferrari will win races in 2019
4. Red Bull will not win a single race and their honeymoon with Honda will be very, very short lived
5. Nico Hulkenberg will win a podium place :-O
6. Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll will come to blows before mid-season and Daddy Stroll will sack Checo on the spot leading to lengthy litigation between Mexican and Canadian Lawyers
7. The Racing Point cars will be impounded at the Mexican GP as a result of the on-going litigation
8. The 1,000 F1 Grand Prix will be hyped beyond belief and we will all get to the end of it and go :thinking::dunno:
9. Martin Brundle will retire from TV at the end of the season to be replaced by professional Aussie, and all round gormless twat, Mark Webber
10. Races will be proposed at even more bizarre and extreme places with Syria, Libya and Venezuela all said to be willing to host a race
1. Hamilton to win the world title because his teammate won't cause him to meltdown.

2. Seb to finish runner up because his teammate will cause him to meltdown

3. Ferrari to win WCC because their number 2 is better than Mercedes number 2.

4. Max will go through engines like someone with the squits goes through toilet paper.

5. Danny R will laugh at Red Bull as he trundles around in 6th on average.

6. McLaren will still be hopeless but no one will vote any of their drivers as being awesome.

7. It pains me to say this but Robert Kubica will struggle, will get through the season but will walk away again at the end of the year.

8. Kimi will paddle around for Sauber, collecting a pay check and generally not giving a crap. Then he will suddenly have one of those races and finish a remarkable 4th.

9. What's the point Racing will throw Perez under a bus by mid season.

10. The changes in car design will make no difference. Toto will say the racing is closer than ever when it clearly isn't. Todt will say nothing. Ross will tell everyone to wait until 2021.

11. Liberty will continue to announce nothing of real significance while Sky and Autosport will continue to say its the best ever.

12. At least one UK team will blame Brexit for their issues.

13. The outlook for the future will remain shit.
And Gethinceri assures us that Piers Morgan is a nice chap :rofl:

More seriously, I'm sure his TV persona is very different to him as a "real person" but what we would get on Sky F1 is his TV persona.
1 - Most people on CTA will spell Charles Leclerc's name wrong when making 2019 predictions.

2. For legal reasons RasputinLives will not refer to Jos Verstappen as a women beating thug in any of his posts.

C) We will be told that the 2019 title race is the best/closest we've had in years but Lewis will win the title with 4 races to go.

iv, Kubuca could not even race and just spend Sunday farting in a bucket and he'll be called a racing genius in the papers the next day.

5; Lance Stroll could come from 4 laps down to take a win with the best overtake ever see and the papers the next day will just run a story about how much money his dad has.

F - Carlos Sainz will have a poor season at McLaren and be completly outclassed by Lando Norris. There will still be fortnightly quotes from Alonso in the media about how great Sainz is

vii) McLaren will be awful but still claim they have the best chassis on the grid

8 - One third of Autosport articles will be articles on McLaren and how they are good really honest.

9; Everytime a driver has a bad race there will be an article in the media saying they are about to be replace by Esteban Ocon. The article will have quote from Toto Wolff in it - mainly because he told them to write it in the first place.

10 - Ocon will sign for no one mid season and will not sign for Merc for 2020.

11 - Verstappen and Hamilton will collide

12 - Verstappen and Vettel will collide

13 - Verstappen and Gasly will collide

14 - Verstappen and Leclerc will collide

15 - Verstappen and Ricciardo will collide
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No intelligent discernment (did I made up a word?) in this predictions

End of the year positions

1 Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow
2 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
3 Renault F1 Team
4 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
5 Racing Point F1 Team
6 Rich Energy Haas F1 Team
7 Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda
8 McLaren F1 Team
9 Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team
10 Williams Racing

1 Sebastian Vettel
2 Lewis Hamilton
3 Charles Leclerc
4 Max Verstappen
5 Valtteri Bottas
6 Daniel Ricciardo
7 Sergio Pérez
8 Nico Hülkenberg
9 Pierre Gasly
10 Romain Grosjean
11 Daniil Kvyat
12 Carlos Sainz Jr.
13 Kevin Magnussen
14 Lance Stroll
15 Kimi Räikkönen
16 Lando Norris
17 Robert Kubica
18 Alexander Albon
19 Antonio Giovinazzi
20 George Russell
8. The 1,000 F1 Grand Prix will be hyped beyond belief and we will all get to the end of it and go

this has got Potiental to be the biggest anti climax going. having it in china the calendar shouldve been rejigged having the 1000th in Germany France Italy Belgium for 1 yr only
Despite huge excitement & build up. Australia will be a let down

1000th race will be a huge anti climax

Leclerc to win multiple races

Honda to finally be competitive & win their 1st powered grand prix since 2006 Hungarian GP

Mclaren to continue being :censored: & produmou to leave

We will only average over a million viewers for a race once this season the channel 4 British GP

Only twice will a B championship driver stand on the podium

Hamilton to win the final British GP

F2 will be more action packed than F1

We will have a topsy turvy wet race this season

Kubica will continue to surprise but tight battle with Russell

Bottas & Gasly to disappoint

Verstappen to win world championship with Hamilton 2nd & leclerc 3rd

Mercedes in a tough title battle, toto stopped Jackie stewart along the way. Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies JYS turned to him as if to say, "Hurry boy, titles waiting there for you"

Ferrari sack so many manager that its like podium visits. everyone gets a turn

Zak Brown will say what a awesome weekend theyve had after qualified 15th
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