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I acted fast when the drivers changed. There were no odds available so I made them up. I clearly rate Albon higher than Bet 365.
Frankly I think Bet 365 will loose money. Albon is no way 80/1 he isn't ghastly. Much more a Max than a Pierre. Betfair have him at 14/1
so I don't think my odds are too far out or unfair. Odds are staying at 10/1 for Spa. Back to following the bookies odds then after.

Bet365 have Gasly at 1000/1 so spot on there at least.
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The 80/1 at bet365 was Albon to finish in the top 2, not top 4, so longer odds. I can’t see where you get the odds for a top 4 finish but no matter, them the odds.

I still don’t know what to bet...


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Dammit, Albon only got as far as 5th, so near and yet so far :(

Oh well, Monza next, I'll have a think about that and get back to you.
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