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Its the end of the season and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who played.
So ...drum roll.....
This years grand champion taking the win not only in the final race but in 8 rounds in total is gethinceri Congratulations you are World Champion. :1st:

Here are the full results for the final race.

Now for the You Bet Podium awards

World Champion gethinceri 8 wins and a huge lead in the end. Amazing. :1st:

Runner up rufus_mcdufus in the lead for a time but it wasn't to be but a great season well fought :2nd:

3rd place cider_and_toast a big win in the final race secures the podium. Well done chap. :3rd:

The special awards are as follows

The Sunday best award - for winning a round of the championship. F1Brits_90 Titch Olivier RasputinLives jez101 racecub aaron8831 cider_and_toast gethinceri rufus_mcdufus

The Teresa May Award - The unwitting leader even if it was short lived. rufus_mcdufus Titch Olivier RasputinLives teabagyokel aaron8831

The Meh award - For placing 1 bet then disapearing Speshal

Still got my bus fare award - finishing the season with nothing but a pocket of pennies jez101

The biggest banker - the most BANKS in the season RasputinLives

The Fight Club award - Everything reset to zero -For the bank ballance going to zero the most times Angel

The vacuum award - Finishing with nothing Speshal The Pits vintly Angel

The Vandoorne Award - For an uninspiring season pottering around at the back being as invisible as possible Hamberg Greenlantern101 teabagyokel

Well thats it folks. It was a good season lots of winners and 7 different leaders is amazing. The new rules made it tight all year. I hope you all enjoyed it. See you next year when You Bet returns.


Race Winner
First race just 2 weeks away but still no odds. Do you want to wait a bit longer for the 2019 game post or should I make some up and do it today?

First of all yay, we're getting You Bet 2019!! :D:cheer: Thanks Greenlantern101 :thumbsup:

For my part, do whatever feels right for you and when it's ready, I'll be there, no doubt throwing my Brogans down the drain with gay abandon and ruining some poor blighter's race by betting on them :embarrassed::snigger:
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