You Bet 2023

after the overnight events that have happened, the updated results for USA you bet are in, & its bit of a hollow victory for myself. because i rather Hamilton had kept his 2nd place, but rules are rules, him & leclerc broke them. also they needed updated because i feel like a Ferrari strategist with the simple mistakes as i realised redoing them id done the results last nights to 1/4 odds & not 1/5 odds :facepalm:

but overnight events has really thrown championship wide open with just 4 rounds to go

& honourable mention to Bleu as the only other to make a profit

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There must be shorter odds on

Verstappen letting Perez win.

Verstappen taking out Perez to win

And the last one

Perez sending Verstappen to hospital for good measure and the El Mariachi waiting for him

There must reason why the FIA tried to avoid Day of the Dead in Mexico

And if Verstappen ain't the target Marko must be next on the hit list
Here are the results of the Mexican youbet, hopefully the results arent changed. but i think with drivers chosen regardless of Leclerc stewards inquiry that it shouldn't changed the results as its unlikely Russell & Piastri get into the top 4

congratulations to rufus_mcdufus who takes the victory with the bet on Sainz & tightens their grip on a potential 3 titles in row, might start calling them max LOL & finally honourable mentions to Il_leone & Bleu on making a profit

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