X-Men: First Class


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Can someone who is more clued up than me explain a key moment in the film?

Charles Xavier and Magneto attempt to speak to Wolverine in a bar, who promptly tells them to "**** off".

This was the 60's and as far as I am aware, Wolverine hadn't yet been created. Or had he?
If you watch the Wolverine movie you find out him, and his brother, were created many, many years before. Fighting (if I remember rightly) in at least the WW2 and maybe even WW1.
His brother is an interesting one.

In X-Men Origins he has similar powers, in the comic's the character Victor Creed does become Sabretooth but there is no mention of this in "Wolverine"
In some of the early comic's it is actually said that they were actually Father and Son.

Like the majority of the Marvel universe the characters origins vary depending on the writer or film/comic.
Sabretooth is the one who attacked wolverene in the beginning of the first Xmen film he didn't seem to be able to speak and he didn't seem to recognize his brother some said he was killed when he was blown off the top of the statue of Liberty but the problem with that is that would not have killed him as he has the same healing powers as his brother, so I don't think the film cast him as wolverene's kin...
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