Movies 17 Reasons why I now hate Star Wars

I watched Ep 2 and 3 last night, due to this thread giving me the bug.
Ep 3 is actually a much better film than I remember.
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On the right-angle turning torpedoes - I decided some time ago that the "Achilles' Vent" was set to "suck" (to hold the atmosphere of the Death Star in), and hence sucked the torpedoes down the tube into the main reactor...:dunno: makes about as much sense as the rest of the "science" in the film!

Oh, and I still don't think "TPM" was that bad actually (JJB aside) - at least the acting performances were slightly more convincing than Ep.2. Seriously - if you're going to go to town with Digital editing and recompositing footage from endless takes to select the exact composition you want George, how exactly did you manage to select all the takes where it appears everyone has completely forgotten how to act?

I won't hear a bad word against Ep.3 though - that was quality. Certainly beats ROTJ for a trilogy-closer (no Ewoks).
Coming to this about 9 years too late...

I always thought that episode 1 and episode 2 should have been a single film. Anakin should have been found as a teenager. Episode 3 should have been episode 2, and then episode 3 should have been called "The Fall of the Jedi" - and should have been the battle of Darth Vader against the remaining Jedi hordes...
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