WTCC season opener ... did anyone tell the fans?

Yup, Eurosprat doing their usual half-hearted, ad-infested best. I thought last season was poor enough with near empty grandstands but what I saw this weekend was incredible. Hats off top the teams for just getting on with the job but in front of fewer spectators than you get when a geezer falls over in the street? If I was a sponsor I'd be zipping up my wallet sharpish.
I saw the first race, thought it wasn't bad. Most racing series other than F1 struggle to sell out venues, and in Italy people have better things to do on Sundays (football and religion, not necessarily in that order). Ferrari is religion, hence the Grand Prix is slightly different ;)

Manufacturers are interested in other markets than the UK to sell cars these days - that's what the WTCC is for. Chevrolet can put a 'World Champions' sticker on their latest identikit intercontinental saloon - now there's passion.

It'll be another transitional series for the WTCC with Chevrolet completely dominant I'm afraid. The Arena Fords were far from competitive this weekend, and the Honda works team won't arrive until late in the season. Tarquini does his brilliant best, but when you look at how Huff recovered from his off in Race 1, he just drove past the rest with quite shocking ease.
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