Women's World Cup Nations Quiz


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As you may know, an international tournament often serves as an excuse for me to write a quiz linking together each team in a group. So the football Women's World Cup starting next week is an excellent opportunity for me to write a quiz. Its all F1 though, don't worry...!

Group A: Germany, Canada, Nigeria, France

1. Which Villeneuve won a Grand Prix in Germany?

Jacques at the 1997 Luxembourg Grand Prix at the Nurburgring

2. Michael Schumacher has won the Canadian GP 7 times and the French GP 8 times. Which other Grand Prix did he win 7 times?

San Marino

3. Who was the first Frenchman to win the Canadian GP?

Jacques Laffite

Group B: Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, England

4. Who was the first English winner at Suzuka?

Damon Hill in 1994

5. In which year did Denny Hulme win in Mexico?

1969, for McLaren

6. Where did Hector Rebaque finish in his best British GP result in 1981?


Group C: USA, North Korea, Colombia, Sweden

7. Juan Pablo Montoya lost his shot at the World Title at Indianapolis in 2003. Which British driver scored his only F1 point at that race?

Justin Wilson for Jaguar

8. When Mario Andretti was teamed up with Gunnar Nilsson at Lotus in 1976, how many podiums did the two of them get?

5, 3 for Mario, 2 for Gunnar

Group D: Brazil, Australia, Norway, Equatorial Guinea

9. Mark Webber won the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2009. But who is the last Brazilian to win the Australian Grand Prix?

Ayrton Senna in 1993

10. The Olympics in Sydney, Australia brought to fame one Eric "the Eel" Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea:

The next race after that was the USGP at Indianapolis. Which Brazilian other than Rubens Barrichello scored points?

Riccardo Zonta
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