Windows 10

I think the patch only applied to some people. My installation didn't need it.

Overall I am far happier with windows 10 than I was with 8.1
It is like an improved version of windows 7 with a funkier start menu rather than the stupid start window that I never no one liked.

The only disappointment has been Microsoft Edge which seems to prevent scrolling down a web page until it is finished loading it, which it does very slowly. So sticking with Chrome.

rufus_mcdufus I think windows 7 is being supported (security patches only) until 2020.
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And before that learning hexadecimal coding on an RSMachines brick more suited to murder with it's steel cased keyboard painted with Hammerite!

None of your nonsense coding on a Raspberry Pi :)
rufus_mcdufus that was one of my first forays into programming. You could buy a book that was around 200 pages long with a game program in it that you had to type out and then it would work.

Problem was that it took me about 2 weeks working after school and all weekend to type it out and then it spectacularly failed to work :( So not to be beaten I went away and learnt to programme myself properly and then de-bugged it and got it working as per the promised design after about 3 months.

Used to sell the final solution in the school playground for £1 for all those kids that bought the book in my school and never got it working :)
I wrote a very decent snake game on my 48k specy. It's kind of weird now that kids don't do that. I suppose the Raspberry PI is trying to turn that around.
I wrote a very decent snake game on my 48k specy. It's kind of weird now that kids don't do that. I suppose the Raspberry PI is trying to turn that around.

When you look at the games which are available now and the manpower required to write them you can understand why the great majority will not be capable of generating them. But there are a few who will be doing those simple games as an introduction to programming.
I finally upgraded to Windows 10 ... but very nearly didn't.

I build my own PCs from scratch so how hard could it be?
Famous last words.

The laptop went fine.
I burnt the Windows 10 64-bit ISO to DVD and it was all sorted within an hour or so.
It was a clean install so then began the laborious process of installing all the software and setting it up.
Still, no issues and it was all done and dusted within a day.

The PC however, that is an entirely different story.
I almost gave up on the idea several times.

I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade the system (C) disk at the same time, so replaced the 120GB SSD with a 250GB.
Again, a clean install from DVD and within half an hour or so Windows 10 was running on the PC.

Then the problems started.

Windows 10 helpfully ( :rolleyes: ) automatically downloads and installs updates and drivers.
Unlike previous versions, there's no easy way to prevent it; there is a method but it's a bit hacky.

So it downloaded and installed the NVIDIA graphics driver and then all of the windows disappeared from the screen.
Windows seemed to be working but whatever was clicked on only showed in the taskbar, not on the monitor.
Several formats and reinstalls later I gave up and did a clean install of Windows 7. Installed the graphics driver and it all worked as expected.

Then, when I was setting up my screens, I noticed that although the plasma (which is connected to the HDMI port) was set as display 1 and the two monitors were 2 and 3, it was in fact monitor 2 which had been set as the primary display.

I immediately realised that the Windows 10 driver must be setting the plasma as the primary display, despite it being switched off.

So another format and install of Windows 10 and sure enough, that's exactly what had been happening. Ironically, if the plasma was on when Windows 10 was installed, it wasn't set as the primary display. WTF?!
It was a 2 second fix - I simply had to set monitor 2 as the primary display but of course I had to use the plasma to do it as that's where the windows were showing.

That took 2 ****ing days to resolve!

Then the real fun started.

Going through the new features and apps and setting them up, I suddenly got a BSOD.
Years and years without a BSOD in Windows 7 and then I get one within hours on Windows 10.

They kept occurring and it was a different error each time, with no additional error codes or anything.
Just BSOD, freezing, crashing, all kinds of issues.

I knew it wasn't hardware as it was all working perfectly fine on Windows 7 and the only thing which had changed was the SSD, but that had also been used on Windows 7 without issue.

I must have done about 30, yes 30 clean installations in an attempt to identify the problem.

8 frustratingly annoying days later I found out what was causing it.

It was simply due to having too many files (.mp3) in the 'Music' folder. Yes, really. No, me either.

Originally there were approximately 20K files taking up 100GB.
I reduced it to around 10K and 50GB and no more problems.

So, around 10 days after starting, I finally have the PC running on Windows 10.
Maybe that's why it's called Windows 10...

Not sure I like it though so may revert to Windows 7 :D
Funny you should post this today mate as I had a windows 10 update the other day and its killed my laptop!

It boots up but only sometime and when it does its too slow to use and keeps freezing. I keep getting different error messages and got BSOD once. I've tried to go through powershell and do a clean up but no luck. I'm trying to do a complete system reinstall but it won't let me log in on my administrator login to start it!

Up until now I was quite happy with it! Not sure why this update has killed everything.
Can't you just format the disk and do a clean install?

You won't have to log in to the Windows installation then.

Of course that assumes you don't have any data on the system disk which you would want to retain (although that could be moved to a secondary disk/storage device).
I have a load of stuff I need to get off it. I was going to try do the apps reinstall first as heard that fixes most issues and doesn't lose your files but not really getting anywhere with it.
The thing is I downloaded Windows 10 on the day of its launch and its run fine. Actually much prefered it (I was on Windows 8.1 though). Can't believe an update has screwed things up much.
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