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Latifi has been confirmed at Williams for 2020. As much I want to see the name Williams back to its glory days. I think Claire Williams needs to step down if Williams have another season like this year.


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Frank is still the major share holder, I suspect nothing will change until he shuffles off this mortal coil.

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Il_leone - the removal of Paddy Lowe may well have some (positive) impacts on the team. Williams are in the painful process of restructuring, and changing their overall policies - much like McLaren did two or three years ago. they probably need a different MD, but you can believe that Patrick Head will have been kicking butt!


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Well, first they need money. F1 is pay to play. So of course, Stroll and Latifi makes perfect sense. That is not Williams' problem. Their problem is a lack of money. Williams was a back-marker team until Frank Williams suddenly found some Saudi money. Then it became a front running team. When BMW dropped them....they were again left without money...and their performance again dropped.

Look at the Haas team. Finished 9th in the championship. Gunther Steiner is certainly a proven and capable manager. Haas is a self-made multi-millionaire. Grosjean and Magnussen are not paying drivers. Yet...they are 9th in the championship. Why? Well, they are doing it on the cheap. If they want to do better they need more money.

I don't know if Claire Williams is a good, bad or mediocre manager. Her father, when he did not have any budget, was kind of considered a joke in F1. Then he got some money and suddenly became one of the 4 or 5 most successful team owners in F1 history. So.......replace Claire Williams? This is really only useful if it was for someone that can get lots of budget or someone like Lawrence Stroll.


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Deliberately overtook cars under yellow to crash into a rival.

Dropped from his last team for not being good enough.

Makes you wonder how he managed to get a break like this?


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on williams money with latifi yes not a good choice be because he seemingly had a purple patch in the 1st half then carried it through. but until the budget cap next season williams will always struggle very few have the funds for whats needed I think it was 2017 or 2018. when i worked out that just the top 3 alone (so excluding other 7) spent close to a billion dollars for just 1 season

what dan ticktum did was pretty bad but it was in 2015 & he had just turned 16. nobody is fully mature enough at that age. we dont judge verstappen on antics from 2016/17 so we should give a 2nd chance. dropped by red bull is no big deal cant forget these are the people who dropped Vergne & Buemi for not being good enough. but gave 2nd chances to Kyvat & Hartley. so that no big deal & also his age was a thing. you are asking alot of a 19yr old to go & live in japan different cars different culture. be on it from the 1st race

but on pace im unsure if he has pace needed because 1 hand he has won Macau Grand Prix twice beating a certain lando norris on debut. F3 looked quality season but mick Schumacher was so underwhelming in F2. if he can lose to guy not even in top 10 of F2


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When will Williams learn that fattening their budgets (short-term) by taking on pay drivers for both racing and development are only costing them MORE money through lost prize money and greater sponsor interest?

If they continue the way they are going, I give them the 2 more years of existence, and that will mark the complete end of my interest in F1. They are the only reason I have followed F1 these last few years since both the WDC and WCC are determned before the year even starts, IMO.
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